I love the ideas of the Messiah, Jesus, the Gaia and even Ancient Aliens, etc.

All I can say is that any of them would be immediately welcome because we have a world led by people who are only concerned about how they can establish authoritarian rule in order to make more money and protect it; even with nuclear devices (that’s sensible?). The rest of us are just collateral damage.

Sorry, kids, we completely failed you through our seemingly innocent gullibility.

So, hurry up any of you external saviors. We need you because we seem to be incapable doing the job to protect ourselves.

PS: I am surely not referring to Donald Trump as a “chosen one.

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Jesus will help you , but you need to admit YOU are the problem , not Him . Problem solving starts with the person in the mirror.

Your letter is the perfect

Branson Hunter

Your good Don. You don't need help. Those personal insults were unnecessary and accomplishes nothing. The great moments of your day are your payoff in spite of living in a miserable period in politics and planetary weather-climate anomalies.We as a people are in the same boat. It's sails are up and in good order. It's a little rough every day but in the absence of a major earthquake -- it's a good day for us. Meanwhile, a Machiavellian "global poster boy for white nationalism" on Pennsylvania Avenue keeps indoctrinaire those aboard the boat to turn on each other.

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