The Joshua Basin Water District provides water to Joshua Tree, where I lived for 13 years until 2016. I kept my house there and enjoyed visiting. I terminated all utilities except electricity.

Incredibly, unlike other utilities, JBWD still bills you. Under the threat of a property lien, it bills any homeowner with a meter.

Just as incredible, no agency regulates its policies and rates. County offices, county supervisor, state senator, assemblyman and the California Public Utilities Commission all tell me so.

 JBWD told me the only way to avoid paying its monthly bill (four times my present home’s water bill) is to sell my house. I just closed escrow.

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What a cheapskate.


I am in my 8th decade and I have never know a utility to do this. Electricity, gas, telephone. Off is off. No billing.


Not as bad as FP5 added to taxes as well as massive increase to fire insurance policy since they closed the fire station near me. Makes that meter change rather small in compare.

Besides...Property values in JT area well, so you probably made a profit on the sale.

Don't Cry for Me Argentina......


That is besides the point.


He enjoyed visiting a house without any utilities?


Dead cactus and plantings give it a rustic wild west look, which increases price tag for the potential L.A. buyers.


Yes I did. I called it ¨camping in¨. I did have electricity.


It’s the same in DHS, you can’t turn off the water in a vacant house. I told them I was moving, they turned off the water, simple.


I did move. It made no difference to the jbwd.


The reason why they can't turn off the water is in case they need it to put out a fire.


No that is not the reason. The fire department uses hydrants to fight fires, not garden hoses or buckets.


No one cares, go away.

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