I’m part of the one percent that read the Mueller Report. And contrary to popular opinion, it is well written and readily accessible. It is neither complicated, nor is it steeped in legalese. Simply stated, the report is a repetitious chronology that provides multiple accounts of various incidents. That the vast majority of our elected officials have not read it suggests that they, like most Americans, have acquiesced to the judgment of others, many of whom, I’m betting, have themselves not read it. Unfortunately, far too many Americans allow social pressure and media outlets to formulate opinions for them. The absolutism demanded by today’s political climate has moved us into a sphere where morality is compromised for political and social reasons.

The cost of this moral equivocation far exceeds any potential for political gains or losses that may result at the polls. The cost goes to the heart of a trust bequeathed to and defended by Americans to preserve history’s long deferred establishment of a democratic society. The moral equivocation I speak of is the central finding in the Mueller Report, and that should matter to every American.

If you read the Report, you’ll see mountains of evidence that detail how the president’s political and business organizations overlap with alarming effrontery; how employees “slow walk” and even ignore his most destructive edicts. The president’s relationship with Russia avoids legal quagmires by his staff having carefully sequestered any public record of political help being welcomed by them in the first instance. If Trump did know, he’s guilty of conspiring with a hostile foreign oligarchy to disrupt and influence America’s presidential election. If he didn’t know what was occurring within his own organization, he’s dangerously inept. Either way, his win-at-all-costs behavior has permeated his staff in much the same sense as recent efforts to hide the USS John S. McCain.

As to candidate Trump’s more public behaviors, there are occasions when he famously stepped over the line, as with his, “Russia, if you’re listening” episode, and there is certainly the appearance of a quid pro quo since the election where America’s absence from democracy’s world stage has benefited Russia’s determination to reestablish its Soviet Empire boundaries. That indictments and guilty pleas include 34 people and three Russian companies, six former Trump advisors, five pleading guilty, and 26 Russian nationals should rally all Americans to demand a fuller accounting.

Of course, to demand an accounting is much easier for Democrats this time around than it is for Republicans, and this is where a profiles-in-courage argument must emerge. Principles are tested where a personal cost may be exacted for taking an ethical stance, but I believe that there is a longing for such leadership to provide a pathway that others may follow. While in the present instance, the Democrats are playing the role of the loyal opposition, that loyalty must be to American democratic principles and the opposition to any erosion of those principles.

If we allow our political views to override our ethical responsibilities and ignore the evidentiary roadmap provided by the Mueller Report, we do so at our peril and that of generations to come. By acceding to a corporate/media effort to keep us at one another’s throats over what is essentially a centrist battle for political dominance, we do a disservice to the memory of those who fought to preserve the cause of liberty at home and abroad. As parents, teachers, community and religious leaders, and as a “united” people, we must stand together and root out the moral equivocation that is threatening the very efficacy of our form of government.


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Personally, I appreciate this letter, not only for the content and style, but as much for evidence that even here in the Morongo Basin more and more people are willing to speak out and defend our country, it’s traditions, and the values that have made America great through actions and not platitudes.

don mckinney

I wrote a carefully worded explanation to this discussion , but was censored by the new world order zionist owners of speech in THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY , not a democracy , republic , but a corpse since the act of 1871 . Military fought for free speech , but the truth tellers are jailed while the evil doers are free . Mueller told congress that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction lies to war . Who would put faith in him and the dual citizens that rule the world . All roads lead to rome and the ring of power . secret wars as jfk warned us of before he was murdered and no one went to jail except Jack Rubenstein . Then he disappeared . Then we went to the war he was going to shut down . The zionist censors here may censor this tame comment also . They are not not for free speech , but against " emotional violations " of the " official " lies to war as in Mueller, et al 's case .

don mckinney

Who are the jesuits and why does their oath call for us to be their enemy ? Why does the Talmudian " noahide laws become our laws mar.7,1991 ? Why do these laws and oaths consider us their enemies ? If your car makers noise , you should stop and look under the hood and see what is WRONG ! Not what is right . With our " emotional violations " trumping our free speech for religious or sexual preference gender questioning , or any other personal hurt feelings reasons are not sufficient to trump free speech . The men in this country lack the testosterone to face reality that they are petro-dollar slaves/mercenaries for evil doers . 44,000 bombs dropped last year alone and we have to be careful not to mention who benefits . not america .

don mckinney

Mueller was director of the FBI for a month or so before 9/11 attacks . He covered up any investigation of bldg.s #7 , #4 , and #6 and the shanksville , Pennsylavania airliner with passengers aboard flying under ground , never to be seen again . No videos from the pentagon showing any aircraft or debris at the pentagon ? Mueller told congress that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction lie to 16 years of never ending zionist wars of aggression , that are never ending . Anyone who would beLIEve Mueller is a useful tool on a fools errand . 9/11 was an inside job per the 3,000 architects and engineers for 9/11 truth and the " lawyers committee for inquiry " . 110 stories of concrete and steel can not collapse into 2 stories high of a debris pile symmetrically at free fall speed with zero resistance . The five dancing Israelis with the towers and airliners painted on the van and , " they were there to film the event " was why they were celebrating and got arrested that day with explosives . See 9/10/2001 rumsfeld and dov zakheim reporting 2.3 trillion dollars missing from the dept. of defense budget . Zakheim had a corporation that had over ride control of all airliners before , during and after the 9/11 event . Where is that investigation ? We are distracted with articles like this one and Muellers glorification and respect from unwitting blind faith beLIEvers that our government cares about us . And war glorifiers for our slave masters . Not our community .

Marshal Dillon

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