Upon hearing of the Congress’ GOP representatives and senators signing an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to reverse Roe v. Wade, I wondered if Paul Cook had signed such a brief as this district’s representative.

It took some deep research and a rather long hold on the phone to find out he did.

It was his choice to sign it, intending to take away this district’s women’s choice as to what happens in our collective uteri without even consulting constituents, like for instance, at a town hall meeting.

I know this makes religious folks happy, but many people with differing opinions live in this district. Cook was simply not elected to make that choice. Remember this, if his name ever comes up on a ballot again.

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Crooked Cook is running for County Supervisor in the next election, not the Senate. I question how anyone can consider themselves pro-life and pro-war at the same time as many conservatives wanted us to go to war with Iran.


Since the courage he showed in Vietnam has utterly deserted him in Congress and by failing to appear for last three years in the district that foolishly sent him to represent us, Cook has done little, apart from serve for a third term thus qualifying for another pension. I estimate that his three terms have cost "We The People" over at the very least ten million dollars (salary, office expenses, postage, pension, travel etc etc etc) for which, to be fair he did manage to get a post office renamed.. Hardly surprising then that he has blindly followed the party line once again and voted against what the majority of his constituents believe just..


If men got pregnant there would be a drive-through $5 abortion clinic in every strip mall.


Cook is and has always been a flake.


Is flake not synonymous with politician, desertsapien?


I'll state the obvious here, Cook doesn't care about constituents, he cares about the support in his party. In other words, he has to tow the party line. As far as what he did in Vietnam, I don't know. I do know however that Marine Officers get more awards than Enlisted Marines do... Not USMC specific but rather true in all services.

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