There’s a unique curve that describes humanity. You see it everywhere. Draw a straight line from left to right across this page, to the left is the distant past, to the right is the present. The curve meanders along for thousands of years, a little above the line.

Then in the last century, the curve begins to rapidly rise until, today, it’s rising almost straight up. It’s form resembles the mathematical exponential curve, hence the term “exponential growth.” There’s an opposite, mirror-image curve, which starts at a high level in the past, then begins to rapidly plunge toward zero, hence the term, “exponential decay.”

The growth curve describes many human-related phenomena, such as population growth, technical advances, war weaponry, agricultural growth, rising CO2 levels, global average temperature, and rising pollution levels in the land, sea and air.

For example, look up the world population over time, and you will see the rapidly rising growth curve, which clearly shows that we are in the midst of a population explosion. A similar curve shows a world-wide temperature explosion.

The opposite decay curve describes natural-world phenomena, such as declining wildlife populations, fisheries, rain forests, fresh water, top soil and polar ice.

From a time perspective, we are in the midst of explosions and implosions. Obviously, these rapid changes in the world cannot be sustained. If you’re confused about conflicting reports on human and natural events, just look at the curves. Politicians, oil barons and corporations will lie to you, but the curves do not lie.

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This letter is proof that there is intelligent life in the Morongo Basin. Unfortunately, there have been no comments which leads me to believe that once people hit big words and complex examples many simply skipped the rest of this excellent letter. Plus, there was no name calling.

don mckinney

thanks for this observation and report . We have 900 military bases in 200 countries . 42 next to Iran . Others as a necklace around China and Russia . We have at least seven illegal wars of aggression that help no one but our closest allies Saudi Arabia and Israel . Both of those countries and the global corporations are the only ones helped by these wars , not the UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY citizens who carry the water for the most evil human rights abusers in the world next to the UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY that dropped 44,000 bombs last year alone . While the average citizen does not have 400 dollars for an emergency and 3,000 cities have worst lead levels than Flint , Michigan .

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