Regarding the April 4 article “Town sued for second time over highway deaths.”

Since late 2015 I attended most of the Morongo Advisory Council meetings. I brought up the issue with illegal turns into and out of the Arco station several times to the CHP, Sheriff, etc. in front of the meeting.

Twice when Caltrans was making a presentation to the MAC, I took their representatives aside after and told them about the issue, two times to at least four different people.

I spoke to the man at Caltrans in charge of Highway 62 via telephone about the new median in Morongo Valley and brought it up after; he said it had been a problem for him for a long time.

I know I called the Yucca Valley government center at least two times, probably three or more.

All this before the last two deaths.

Everybody pointed fingers at the others — Caltrans, CHP and sheriff said Yucca Valley, Yucca Valley said Caltrans, etc.

Unfortunately I can’t say dates and people I talked to. I did not think it was necessary.

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Recently as a passenger I was riding with my granddaughter who is not familiar with that corner. She actually made an illegal lane change into the far right lane in front of Arco (how many do that just access the Arco driveway?). as anther car was turning right out of balsa. If I hadn’t made a loud noise it would have ended badly. That intersection needs a four way turn signal. It’s a dangerous intersection under any circumstance. The “cigarette” barrier needs to be replaced with a permanent barrier and no u- turn posted to prevent entrance to the driveway on that corner from the highway. who was the plan engineer for that stupid idea any way?


In May 2010 meeting the YV Town Council after some discussion let the Arco/Sonic project continue without the Caltrans suggested improvements. Any further delay would be a financial burden for developer.


and those developers were the DePierros who also sold the parcel to Dollar General in Joshua Tree.

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