I know you Trump haters do not want to hear this, but it is of great importance that you understand why we cannot have a socialist party in the White House.

You Millenials need to realize that all these things the candidates are promising is absolutely impossible to pay for. The rich can only support money for a short time, and then what? They will tax the middle class until they break us. It will then be just the very wealthy politicians and us poor people.

You think socialism is the answer and I say look at Russia and Venezuela and any other communist or socialist country and see how the people are living.

The ’60s began ushering in the downfall of the U.S. beginning with taking prayer out of school. Praying never hurts anyone, even if you were an unbeliever. It gave encouragement, strength and something to believe in. The young people of today are not taught about God and heaven. They are taught they came from scum and the earth is going to be destroyed by climate change and what do they have to look forward to? No wonder they are a depressed generation. The government has taken our freedom of speech. They continuously keep us in racial tension. Capitalism has been the backbone of the U.S. and we have all benefited from it. Some people were more industrious than others and became very wealthy. We all have that opportunity, but not when socialism takes over; you can forget it.

… Open your eyes and see it happening to this wonderful country. They have taken so many of our rights away, using trickery, to make us believe it is for our own good.

The congressional Democrats and the left-controlled media are filling your minds with propaganda. Until someone better than Trump comes along, (there is no one running now) we need to stay with him. He has done more for the country in a short time than Obama did in his eight years as president and this was done without the help of the Democrats. They have been too busy trying to find a way to get rid of Trump because he is for the people and the U.S. We have paid them for three years of doing nothing for the people or our country. Google it. Don’t go by what the TV says.

Thank you.

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Please spell out what your supreme leader has done for this country.


Accomplishment: Created mostly redundant new military agency- Space Cadets.....


Accomplishment: Third President undergoing impeachment.


We prefer Prezidents who don't get impeached.


More Space Force news here: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-51160547


Mr. Willis of Landers, I suggest you look into Trump's recent $28-billion farmer bailout. Then go look up the definition of socialism. Now that you are properly informed, maybe you can spare readers of the Star from additional drivel.


B = bingo!


Could you please list the rights that have been taken away?

bill jenkins

alas, mr willis' epistle and vote will go unheeded as trump will not cary california.


He'd done more crimes, that's for sure.


Back in the day we used to call these people "right wing kooks". Now we call them "conservatives". Prayer in schools? Separation of church and state is essential to a true democracy. This sort of totalitarian nonsense should be flushed down the septic along with Trump's neo-Nazi and KKK supporters' ideological claptrap. Being anti-Obama at this stage is just a weak cover for being a racist. The 1% have over 99% of the wealth so it shouldn't be too hard to even the playing field for the rest of America. And I though Archie Bunker was just a joke!


Not much has changed since Norman Lear's "All in the Family" of 70's fame. The Archie Bunker type was pretty typical in those days. Sadly 50 years later it's still relevant.

"Million Mom's" decry: "(censored) that's good" fast food commercial, whilst their adorable little snots drop the F-bomb out of parental earshot.

Perish forbid Million Moms should ever read or watch Shakespeare's "Macbeth" with the scene containing "out (censored) spot". They would protest vociferously AND call the SPCA.

Ignorance is bliss for some.


"Please spell out what your supreme leader has done for this country?" I won't provide you with the complete exhaustive list of the past three years but will name a few that has occurred just this week. USMCA properly spelled out is the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement signed this week by the senate by a vote of 89-10. Phase One of the U.S.-China trade agreement signed yesterday which pushed the stock market benchmarks to new record levels. "US Space Force redundant"? Debatable but most likely a matter of opinion. But it was implemented with the passage of the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act after two decades of debate and inaction. The "impeachment an accomplishment"? Sorry but that "accomplishment" was made by Nancy Pelosi and her partisan political hacks after three long years of ongoing never ending whining. The "$28-billion farmer bailout fits the description of socialism"? Obviously more like temporary aid partly funded by tariffs to shore up affected farmers involved in the Presidents trade war in which apparently he has won two battles that many skeptics claimed to be "unwinnable". The "bailout" would better fit the description of "crony capitalism" that the socialist loathe. Undoubtedly that "trade war" is turning into a win-win proposition for our farmers, our workers, and our economy. "Socialism" is a permanent gift that keeps giving while simultaneously robs hard working taxpayers and constantly depleting the treasury. "List the rights that have been taken away"? First and Second Amendments rights have been taken away but rightfully restored after lengthy court battles with those who enact the restrictions. District of Columbia vs Heller, McDonald vs City of Chicago, Caetano vs Massachusetts are a few of them. A quick google search will bring many other parental, free speech, and religious rights being infringed and challenged in courts. "Trump will not carry California"? Well good for you. He did not carry it in 2016. You should be proud of California and the way the liberals have made it such a great place to live. Poverty, drug abuse, homelessness, and the criminal element is almost nonexistent in California right? "Right wing kooks", "Nazi's" and "KKK" are terms of endearment that liberals apply to when describing "conservatives" who believe in borders, freedom, religious liberties, individual rights, and accepting the constitution as written. The "1% vs the 99%" bad reference comes from the Marxian economics theory that named the bourgeoisie as the "haves" and the proletariat as the "have nots" which is commonly known as Marxism. The claim that "the 1% have over 99% of the wealth" is off by 60% by the way since the last I heard the 1% owned 40% of the wealth. Karl Marx also had the belief that religion was the opium of the people. Our constitution forbids restricting an individual’s religious beliefs and promoting one religion over others . "Conservatives" believe in free speech, free markets, and states' rights. Liberalism is an ideology that believes in control rather than freedom. Liberals believe in a "living constitution" which means you can interpret it as you desire to fit an agenda. The all encompassing, all smothering liberal nanny state has no use for freedom. The only freedom liberals want to give people is the "freedom" to do as they're told as to compel compliance towards the "common good". The only "freedom" they really express concern about especially here in California are the vagrants, criminals, and illegal aliens. As far as the concerns with the "Million Moms" go, I find it ironic that words like "h*ll" and "d*nm" are strictly forbidden on this adult forum while it is perfectly acceptable on children's television programs. Not only are they are being programed at an early age by watching television but they are being subjected to certain agendas by school teachers that C. Willis mentioned in his letter. School teachers are teaching the liberal concepts of a "living, breathing" constitution and the social advantages of congressional bills such as the "Green New Deal". Ignorance is toxic.


The jury is out on wether the two "deals" tRump has has done are worth the cost. Three years, two accomplishments. The rest of his "accomplishments" are just pure steer manure piled higher and deeper. Trying to save obselete technologies at the expense of the environment and quality of life is worthless.

Tax breaks to the top 10 percent is also not productive or sage. Income inequality is just destroying the productive middle class that enables the rich to get richer, and the poor to get more benefits.

Frankly:. The average consumer and worker has more leverage than any president on trade issues. Be productive at work and carefully choose what you purchase, if it needs to be purchased.

A goodly chunk of the whiners bemoning the standard of living have closets full Chinese made garbage instead of North American made items of better quality. Wages would increase as productivity and full employment of skilled workers increased. It would also free up entry level jobs to the idle youth and unskilled labor force as well as encouraging industry with on-the-job training in tight employment markets.

Agreed:. Ignorance IS toxic! We have President tRump as living proof!


FYI:. That Chinese made garbage is manufactured in a "Special Administration District" in a communist country with a planned economy. It's average citizens have very few rights.

bill jenkins

in the 2016 election 18 of the 20 poorest states went for trump, 9 of the 10 richest states went for hillary. so trump's base is heavily dependent on economically backward states. in order to get reelected, if he runs, he will have to retain the support of these mid 20th century economies. we shall see.


The federal government has assisted farmers since 1862, starting with the Homestead Act, granting land to farmers in the west that were willing to farm it. The Morrill Act of 1862 created the funding for colleges of agriculture. The Agricultural Marketing Act of 1929 was created to prevent prices from crashing, it didn't work. These are examples of "socialism". The western United States expansion was fueled by federal dollars......socialism.

Trump's $28 billion ag bailout is certainly crony capitalism. I personally know a dairy farmer in Idaho who has received more than $950,000 since 1995. Interestingly, he was paid $338,085 in the past two years. These ongoing payments were thru the USDA. This particular dairy herdsman is nowhere close to losing his operation.

TTJ, your long LE career was a function of socialism. Funds were allocated by a governmental body to pay your salary and benefits. Instead of ginning up folks with claims of evil socialism, Willis needs to admit he's benefited from "socialism".

Free markets? You're kidding,right?


In 2008 President Obama inherited a country from the republicans that was in crisis. Our major financial institutions were crashing. At least five banks in Yucca Valley closed their doors. Wall street was tanking, people were loosing their homes and the big three auto makers were going under. Unemployment was at an all time high. President Obama brought us back in spite of total resistance from the republicans. He put regulations in place so it would not happen again. Trump has tore up these safeguards. The wealthy are having a hay day raping the middle class and the crash is looming again. We have a president and an administration that conveys a message that it is ok to lie and cheat if you think you can get away with it. By his actions, he has splashed orange paint all over our constitution and has shattered our democracy. You are supporting a president that said George Washington was a hero for securing all our airports in 1776. How can anyone be so ignorant? Is this who you want leading the free world? It is shameful and it is depressing.


During the last generation capitalism has produced the greatest reduction in global income inequality in history.

Socialist politicians like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren want to expand the government.

They ignore the intellectual, economic and moral bankruptcy of socialism and instead want to find all their solutions in the federal government.

Their god has become the government.

It becomes the perfect answer for any problem.

The state is worshiped.

The individual is sacrificed to the collective.

Freedom and liberty disappear.

Sanders even admits that he does not understand why consumers have choice.

“Why have so many different sodas? Let’s have one. Why have some kinds of shoes? Let’s have one.”

Socialism sets everyone back economically, reduces freedom of choice and individual liberty.

It results in failure and stints growth, innovation, and productivity.

bill jenkins

according to Credit Suisse the fraction of global household wealth held by the richest 1% of the world's population increased from 42.5 to 47.2percent between 2008 and 2018.put another way as of 2010, 388 individuals possessed as much wealth as the lower half of the world's population,3.5 billion people. that 388 is now 26! income inequality is increasing exponentially. left unchecked capitalism, theoretically. results in one person owning everything.


Bill must be getting his fake news from CNN.

"Now in its tenth edition, the Credit Suisse Global wealth report is the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of information on global household wealth. Global wealth grew during the past year, but at a very modest pace. Although wealth per adult reached a new record high of USD 70,850, this is only 1.2% above the level of mid-2018, before allowing for inflation. While more than half of all adults worldwide have a net worth below USD 10,000, nearly 1% of adults are millionaires who collectively own 44% of global wealth. However, the TREND toward INCREASING INEQUALITY HAS EASED, and the share of the top 1% of wealth holders is BELOW the recent peak in 2016."


Curious. Is this good news or bad news for you Bill.

"In Credit Suisse’s annual list of “10 surprises,” global equity strategist Andrew Garthwaite said the S&P could rise another 25%. Other predictions include oil finishing the year as one of the three best-performing sectors, as well as China’s GDP growth rate hitting a three-decade low and the technology sector underperforming.



Tomorrow: TTJ explains how "double Dutch sandwich" and similar help the taxpayer and shareholders.

Stay Tuned!


I rather tell jokes:

A man jumps into a lion's cage to save a 5 year old boy by punching the lion in the nose

Soon, reporters are on the scene.

"Why don't you tell us a bit more about yourself"

"Well, I'm currently a stockbroker, but I got out of the Army only two years ago"

"What do you do for fun"

"I'm an avid fisherman, and I teach rifle safety classes for the NRA"

"Who'd you vote for in the last election"


The next day, the headline reads:



Good Joke! Probably far better than getting depressed over current state of affairs at any rate.

bill jenkins

mathamatitions at Tufts university have constructed a model of market based economies that fits economic data of recent decades almost perfectually,over 99%.

it's a little complicated but quite understandable. the one big takeaway i had was, there is no such thing as trickle down. actually the opposite is true. wealth does not trickle down but indeed transfers up from the poor to the wealthy. how else can you explain while in the last 4 or 5 decades produclivity has doubled while wages have not even begun to keep pace?




Is this and Editorial or a Letter to the Editor? There should be something that tells the readers if this was written by a staff writer or a reader. This is poorly written and poorly placed online with no information as to the credentials of the writer. For all I know from what is seen here it reads like a poorly written paid political ad.

T Twelvetrees

ScreechOwl...This is a letter to the editor according to the opinion drop down menu tab on the home page...


Well, it's IN the "Letters to the Editor" section, and this publication ISN'T Faux NewsCorp so it must be a letter to the editor from the public at large.

You'll have to bide your time for the poorly written political rubbish whilst the politicians resupply their writers with a box of crayons.

Branson Hunter

The fossil fuel industry has a great spokesman for them, Pinocchio, AKA President Trump. At the world economic Forum at Davos, today, Trump Unleashed his hate upon the world. In response to 17 year old climate activists Greta Thundberg, just finishing the opening speech at the economic forum

forum, the POTUS blathered "the heirs of yesterday are today's foolish fortune tellers. Trump is the biggest diversion in human HISTORY.Meanwhile we are not preparing for a livable future. And we are not paying attention to the infrastructure, such as roads, dams, Energy, Water delivery systems, Etc.

Branson Hunter

Huh... the big buffoon on the world stage today at Davos is Trump: the orange president, with foundation plastered all over his face, proclaimed: "[he] rescued the US economy from the deepest depths of misery, one step away from the Second Great Depression." Is there any redeeming value in the poultice?


The great bulk of our taxes goes to the war industry. The Republicans rant against big government and for a balanced budget, but they are they party that spends more and more, gives more tax usts and subsidies to the rich, and increases the deficit - and increases the power of our police state. If we weren't a Warfare State, there would be plenty of tax money for healthcare and all the other aspects of civilization you will find in most developed countries. On top of the devastating Republican program, rump is a mentally diseased would-be dictator.


Opinions are a lot like body parts (located directly behind ones genitals), that everyone has.


Interesting piece and shows that lively, if ill-informed social discourse in America is not entirely yet extinct. My two cents worth its that Mr Willis is adamant that, whether she is or not, his god is the only god, his political views are the only correct ones and his opinions shall brook no dissension. And for reasons yet to be explained, even though he is fully aware that for the last ten years there has been a continuous expansion of the economy, no doubts, no question about it, for reasons only he and his heart can fathom , he has an inability to even believe, let alone acknowledge, that for seven of those years Barack Obama was president. Not suggesting he like or approve that simple truism but merely ask that the merely acknowledge that simple incontrovertible fact. A mind is a terrible thing to close.

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