I want to give all the people who are affected by the new sewer system going in a heads up. Yesterday two men pulled up in front of my house on the road; they were from Hi-Desert Water company. They were flying a drone all around the area directly above my horses. Of course they are just like any other livestock and tend to freak out when something noisy and odd is above their heads.

I saw the men on another road near my house and jumped in my truck to educate them. They had no idea that flying a drone above livestock heads could cause a serious injury to the animals, but now they know.

I spoke to a supervisor at Hi-Desert Water; she “appreciated” my call. I reiterated again how dangerous it is and explained to her that if one of the animals got injured, the water company would have been responsible for the veterinarian bills.  She did apologize and understood.

Now that the water company is aware of how livestock reacts to drones, it should not happen again. But to be on the safe side, if your area is on the list for sewers and you have livestock, you might take a moment to call Hi-Desert Water to reassure yourselves. It’s cheaper than a vet bill.

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