Community members throughout the Morongo Basin have the opportunity to come together and support all local schools by voting “yes” on ballot Measure C.

Passing this bond allows for necessary roof and electrical systems replacement or repairs, plus replacements of aging heating, ventilation and AC units.

As a recently retired educator from the Morongo Unified School District, I have seen firsthand the need for HVAC upgrades for our schools, and the need to provide safe and healthy environments for learning. One afternoon, as we walked back to our classroom, others informed me that the classroom roof AC unit had made a terrible noise, spewed a little smoke, then stopped. We spent the remainder of the day outside due to an obnoxious odor in the room. Repairs took a week as the obsolete part had to be located. Being in the middle of a Hi-Desert heat wave meant the classroom was uncomfortable with two portable fans for 25 actively engaged kindergartners.

A “yes” on Measure C provides funds for new AC units. A “yes” on Measure C allows for schools to have healthy and safe learning environments through upgrades to aging infrastructures.

If Measure C does not pass, students will continue to be in classrooms with old, outdated AC units. Other infrastructures will not be updated. Having healthy learning environments will be a continued concern. New classrooms will not be constructed.

Local bonds are currently the only solution the state of California has for districts to improve and maintain school facilities. There will be no statewide bake sale to provide funds for school improvements. Now is the time to vote “yes” on Measure C.

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Now that Andrew Yang has backed out, Chad Mayes says he is the only Asian left in the race.


Chad Mayes said he was a bit confused when he voted to raise gas taxes, said he thought if you were going on a trip you could mail your car ahead with Amazon


No more taxes. Pay off the last bond before asking for more. We pay sky high gas tax, and look at the condition of Hwy 62. Should we expect the same from MUSD of measure C passes? More tax and nothing to show for it. How much work did the last bond do for us anyway? Bet you won't answer that will you?


No, no and no. No to C.

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