Thanks to Red Brennnan Group, who attempted to sue over the fire fee/tax laid upon those of us living in the FP-5 zone — i.e. Yucca Mesa, Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree plus most of the rest of San Bernardino County — but who apparently failed! Petitions for protesting this charge were handed out to all visitors of the Mesa Fest this year but it seems that not enough persons filled them out or sent them in to complain this October, since only 3.2 percent of affected landowners actually did!

Is that because we are all compliant in regards to paying an extra $157.36 on our taxes yearly? OK (guess you have more money to spare than I do!). Or is there an astounding apathy prevailing in our “civilized” society!

So now … y’all be prepared to accept the FP-5 special “tax” levies which will be applied to your 2019 tax bills!

EDITOR’S NOTE — A judge turned down the original plea, but the Red Brennan Group’s lawsuit is ongoing.


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They made the protest letter next to impossible to find. Supposedly you had to go to a website and print off the protest letter. Most people don't have a printer sitting at home ready to go. Also "their people" were hired to "count" the number of protest letters. The whole things a scam. What about the number of parcels they counted? I read in Z107.7 website that they miscounted to favor their large fee on our property tax. They purposely miscounted way way under the actual number. By a lot!

I hope the law suit is successful. There's many of us on fixed incomes and this will be a huge burden. For those on food stamps it takes away 1 months worth of food stamps ....think about that you greedy jerks in San Bernardino.


As Benny said, the County made the process intentionally onerous to ensure their desired outcome. The Board of Supervisors' vote was 3-2 with Ramos in favor. I wonder if there is any chance of revisiting it now that he's gone to Sacramento to keep a seat warm.

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