So the president of these United States has actually mentioned that maybe a person could be injected with Lysol, bleach or some other disinfectant or even have some kind of powerful ultraviolet light placed in one’s body to kill the virus.

How many of you Trumpettes are willing to take der leader’s advice? He claims to know more than the doctors or scientists; why not, what have you got to lose?

As he was warned by many that this virus could be very deadly, what did the leader of our great (it’s always been great by-the-way) nation do? He played golf, flew to various countries, attended rallies and claimed that this scary virus warning was a hoax by the Democrats. Is it?

My suggestion is to not listen to anything that he says about anything. But if you are so enamored by this great businessman with his six bankruptcies, then please join the rest of the gullible lemmings as he marches you and yours off of the proverbial cliff.

Now his main squeeze Mitch McConnell has suggested that it is good if various states just go bankrupt while fighting this deadly virus. Really?

I was in the Navy stationed on board a ship. Let me tell you that the captain of a warship takes full responsibility for its crew and the well being of that vessel, and does not blame others.

Don blames everyone else and is, in my opinion, a corrupt individual.

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No worries:. tRump has it under control! Thanks to the "tRump Skool of Quackery Medicine" poison control calls are up 300 percent.

His "red state" followers have needed to call 911 a fair bit also according to recent news. Most will need their "Obama Care" to cover their self induced poisoning.

tRump: Poster Child for proper condom use.


We are in the midst of a pandemic. Of course more people are being exposed to household disinfectants because more people than ever are using them. The poison control has seen a spike in calls since March. That is well before the presidents comments.

Comment deleted.

It has nothing to do with President Trump. Open your mind a little. EVERYONE is cleaning and sanitizing more than normal. There are empty shelves where the cleaning supplies were. That has caused some people to become creative and experiment with products which has caused accidents , kids are home more which causes more accidents, some kids are staying with relatives or friends that have a home that's not "kid friendly" and they have had accidents. Its been reported that people are trying to clean their produce with bleach before they eat them. My point was President Trump made those comments AFTER the quarterly report of poison control calls going up and was reported on. There were 2 reporters that added his name to the first article written on the subject. And from there everyone with TDS went nuts as usual.

Comment deleted.

No, Trump supporters are just not stupid enough to drink bleach.


Recent headline (multiple outlets): "Two Georgia Men Drank Cleaning Products to Fight Virus, Officials Say"

Articles do not provide their political affiliation if any.

Regardless, tRump's pulpit still impacts some folks ill prepared to sort out the facts. Nuff said.


The author of this article should have done more research. The CDC website gives stats for a 3 month period which was Jan - March. President Trumps comments were in April. It is the Trump-hating media who attached his name to the stats. More fake news out there then real news!


Research and facts are for non-Democrats!


I can't even stand to listen to the fool. I wish he'd inject himself with Lysol so this nightmare of a "president" could be over.

Branson Hunter

What's really scary (chilling) is that we haven't seen anything yet. When his pupils are huge and his left eye starts twitching, that's when Trump loses it and gets crazy. For example, inject people with disinfectant; windmills cause cancer; you clean the coal then you put it back; why can't we just nuke the Hurricane?; it's wet in terms of water... Big water; the Revolutionary Army took over the airport in the 1700s; the beauty ot me is that I'm very rich; I think Viagra is a wonderful thing... I've just never needed it; oh, and Trump wanting to buy Greenland and tax its citizen; my IQ is one of the highest and you all know it please don't feel so stupid or insecure, it's not your fault; windmills cause cancer. That's not all folks, we ain't seen nothing yet!


He *is* a "stable genius".

What comes out of his mouth is usually found on the floors in stables Nationwide.

If using a manure fork to rid the White House tRump was effective, I'd gladly volunteer to muck it out.

The good news... We'll be soon rid of him. Even some of his supporters grow weary and wary of their placebo President.

Maybe he could move to North Korea to be closer to his buddy "rocket man" and build a new hotel right next to the other incomplete one, adding to his list of growing failures of which the list grows daily.


Have you ever tried making a list of the good things he has done?


Trump Derangement Syndrome is real, and the author of this collection of half-truths and outright lies is proof.

He never said to inject Lysol. He never claimed to know more than doctors. The spike in cases of people injecting or ingesting chemicals was before he said anything. Stop lying.

He asked a doctor if it could be possible to use "some form of disinfectant" in the body. Furthermore, dangerous and unhealthy things can and are used to help fight illness and disease.(Ever heard of chemo-therapy?)Context matters. Also, doctors ARE looking into using light to kill the virus. It's called light therapy.

If you want to see people downplaying the virus, don't look at Trump. Look to the media who downplayed it from that start. Remember the video in that one briefing? Trump never called it a hoax, and in fact halted non-essential travel from China and put together his task force in January. Democrats were busy with the impeachment sham. Even now they're giving themselves raises while blocking relief to American citizens.

His six bankruptcies(out of his over 500 businesses. That's a 99% success rate...) are irrelevant. Why even bring them up? Oh yeah, TDS.


You are exactly right. Its crazy to see the media spin or take out of context what is said and turn it into something else. And then to watch others spew that nonsense like its true. The media has duped so many, its actually sad to see.


Have you felt random waves of anger and uncontrollable outbursts when you witness someone wearing a MAGA hat????????

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This medical phenomenon is baffling many doctors and they fear we are witnessing an epidemic.......

As a result a new diagnosis has emerged that helps us understand this condition on a better level............

This new medical condition is known as Trump Anxiety Disorder (TAD)............

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Has it been 30 days already? Oh bother.[spam][spam]


The NBC New York News headline led with "Two Georgia Men Drank Cleaning Products to Fight Virus, Officials Say "(1). It was immediately followed by this sub header statement by the "official source". "Georgia poison control director said he did NOT know if the men ingested the cleaning solutions because of President Donald Trump’s musings on whether injecting disinfectants could treat the virus". Then this first statement following the headline "Two Georgia men were hospitalized after drinking cleaning products hoping to prevent a coronavirus infection". No "official" and no "source". The original news source NBC listed was the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper article (2) which lead with the headline "Georgia men drink disinfectants in attempts to stop coronavirus" and then stated "Two people in Georgia drank liquid cleaning products over the weekend in misguided attempts to ward off COVID-19, according to the Georgia Poison Center. Both men had histories of psychiatric problems and are expected to recover" and immediately followed by the statement "The poison center’s director, Gaylord Lopez, said he did NOT know if the men guzzled the chemicals because they heard about President Donald Trump’s statements during a Thursday White House briefing, when the president wondered aloud if coronavirus could be treated by injecting a disinfectant into the human body. Since the pandemic began, at least two other Georgians have fallen ill from similar attempts to clean their inner organs with household chemicals, even BEFORE Trump’s remarks". The "official" was Gaylord Lopez which was the "director" of the "Georgia Poison Center" and he did "not" know why they did it. It went on "So far, though, the state’s biggest spike in poisonings from cleaning products has been caused by home-bound Georgians mixing products together to furiously scrub surfaces, then falling ill from inhaling fumes. Last year, the poison center handled 49 product-mixing calls in March and April. This year, since March 1 the center has had 115 calls, Lopez said." It is so sad that so many "gullible" people fall for such "nonsense" NBC propagates. Anyone armed with at least a half ounce of "common sense" and "reading comprehension" can figure out what this type of "journalism" this is called and even sadder are those who use it as "news" to "inform" the "gullible"!



Branson Hunter

Trump has no redeeming value. The scourge of America who reflects the Dark Side of humanity.


Tell us how you really feel Branson.


Branson Hunter

The country needs a leader. It's as simple as that isn't it? What we have is an incompetent and paranoid bickering old fool that that is dumber than a stump. We deserve better, we never voted for this sicko.


How did a fool dumber than a stump accomplish so much in such short time? Which one do you disagree with? Could you do it better?

Almost 3.9 million Americans have been lifted off food stamps since the election

United States is a net natural gas exporter for the first time since 1957

Record number of job killing regulations eliminated

America is now the worlds largest oil producer

Fastest growing pace in 14 years for manufacturers

Shrinks government by 16000 jobs since elected

Cut the white house budget - saved taxpayers $22 million

Decreases debt to GDP ratio - first time in over 50 years

Largest decline in drug prices in 50 years

Liberated all ISIS-controlled territory - top 5 leaders captured

Of course, I could go on and on and on and on and on and on.............

Branson Hunter

Ib6, what a bunch of bunk but for being the largest gas producer in the world, for which is killing us & making a once very lovely planet uninhabitable by living things. Josh got it right.


Bunk? Less people on welfare and food stamps - They did not all die so they must have gotten jobs and off welfare. Good for them and good for us working tax payers! ISIS being pushed back, destroyed, mostly eradicated, is that bunk? Cutting all that bloat in government isn't that a good thing? You don't have to like the guy but why not give credit where credit is due? He fails we fail.

Branson Hunter

IB6. I enjoyed reading your comment. Thanks for being a gentleman. We still completely disagree.


TwoToeJoe: How can you even write that bunk without laughing? No-one would have used disinfectants internally if the guy in the White House hadn't promoted it. He also promoted hydroxychloroquine. As it turned out the clinical trials were pulled in 7 countries because the cardiac risk mortality rate was high and the death rate was more than twice the rate of those who didn't take the drug. The man in the White House is irresponsible and fool hardy to suggest the ridiculous!

As far as his accomplishments; the richest percentile of Americans and his foreign pals have benefited from his "accomplishments".

If you are going to defend that man; please get your facts straight..Remember; truth always comes out ahead!!!


Evidently the "NIH" and the "CDC" did not get the "memo" about pulling the "clinical trials". Ever hear about "Pavlov's Dogs and Classical Conditioning"? If anyone wants to denigrate "the man" I would suggest getting the "facts" straight and stop relying on ridiculous fabrications. I can't see how anyone can keep from laughing by writing "bunk" and suggesting he has "encouraged" and "told" people" to "drink koi pond cleaner", "injecting Lysol" and "drinking bleach". It is sad enough that there are a number of people that actually do idiotic and crazy things but it is even more appalling to assign blame on morbid interpretations. Lately it has been getting even more comical with these ridiculous assertions and I can't really help to control my laughter on these idiotic interpretations. I'm guessing the "resistance" is finally attempting to drop the Trump Russia Collusion "conspiracy" theory since the "truth" has finally been uncovered and "came out ahead". At least that concoction sounded somewhat egregious and led the daily headlines for the past three years. It was totally embarrassing for those who believed in it and substantially worse for the village idiots caught holding the pitchforks. Hydroxychloroquine has already been determined to be ineffective and bad? Then why this:

"FDA Says Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine Can Be Used to Treat Coronavirus" Newsweek 03/30/20 By Kashmira Gander.

"FDA Approves Hydroxychloroquine Trial for COVID-19" April 21, 2020

"Coronavirus treatments: Remdesivir, hydroxychloroquine and vaccines for COVID-19"

Vaccine candidates to treat COVID-19 are already being trialed in animals and humans and one treatment shows positive effects in a US trial.

"NIH clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine, a potential therapy for COVID-19, begins" Thursday, April 9, 2020

"NIH also recently launched a trial to study Remdesivir as a possible treatment for COVID-19. That clinical trial is sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) [NCT04280705]. These two trials will provide data on the effectiveness and safety of each agent versus placebo in the urgent race to find effective therapies for treating COVID-19."

"Effective therapies for COVID-19 are urgently needed. Hydroxychloroquine is an antimicrobial agent with immunomodulatory and antiviral properties that has demonstrated in vitro activity against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Preliminary reports suggest potential efficacy in small human studies. Clinical trial data are needed to determine whether hydroxychloroquine is effective in treating COVID-19.

Study Aim: To compare the effect of hydroxychloroquine versus placebo on clinical outcomes, measured using the COVID Ordinal Outcomes Scale at Day 15, among adults with COVID-19 requiring hospitalization.

Study Hypothesis: Among adults hospitalized with COVID-19, administration of hydroxychloroquine will improve clinical outcomes at Day 15."

"Turkey claims success treating COVID-19 with broad use of drug touted by Trump"

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