Schools will soon be filled with students again.

My concern is with bullying. My great-granddaughter will be back at school; will she have to worry about bullying again?

Her first year in kindergarten was marred at the end of the school year by a young man bullying her.

Mind you, these kids are 5 to 6 years old.

Her teacher did nothing to stop this and would not even take calls from my granddaughter to try to fix the problem.

The schools need to be more aware of what’s happening. More has to be done by everyone.

Hopefully our new first-grader will have a bully-free school year.

Also, hopefully the young man will not become a threat to others as he grows older, but instead becomes a great young man.

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Teach your kids to fight back! once bullies are beat down they never bully again. proven fact! don't rely on the teachers to do anything there to busy protesting for more pay.


I also believe a kid should not be scared to stand up for themselves, I don't condone violence but a don't expect any kid to run from fear. a swift punch to the nose will stop a bully every time.

Mark Simmons

I agree with the two commenters. However, years ago when my son was in elementary school I told him to defend himself against a couple of bullies who were continually bothering him. One day he’d had enough and punched one of the aggressors which ended up breaking the bully’s nose and knocking out a couple of teeth. We were blamed for his behavior and were informed by the school that the parents could’ve sued us for the damages and injuries caused by our son. Our son could’ve faced expulsion had the school year not been ending in a couple of weeks. The good news, he was never bullied again and was respected among his peers throughout school. He is now a man and living his dream as an enterprising entrepreneur in the OC area. I hate bullies as much as the next person. But, just be careful when dealing with them.

Branson Hunter

Trump is factually teaching the art of Bullying, lying and hateful speech that hurt others in every school across the USA. On a daily basis he strikes at people like a reptile. The latest of fat shaming occurred yesterday at one of his hate feasts rallies. This sends the clear message that encourage and teach kids that it's okay in real life to hurt people with lies and gutter talk.


MR. HUNTER’S HATEFUL REMARKS DO NOT BELONG HERE! His is a loathsome and completely inappropriate response Barbara’s legitimate, real life concern.


Likely we have all been bullied in some way at some time. And likely as not we’ve returned the favor as well. But school yard bulling can be a deadly serious business. We know it’s the root cause of teen suicide and motivation for revenge by young killers. Still we tend to dismiss out of hand its seriousness simply because it’s always been that way. Shame on us for that!

Barbra is not alone. It’s heartbreaking to see a child mistreated by peers but it’s frustrating when a teacher thinks being bullied is little more than a young person’s “rite of passage”. Those teachers may have survived childhood bulling with their own self esteem in tact, but they obviously didn’t do so without developing issues respecting empathy.

Parents and mentors who understand how important it is to teach and demonstrate respect for others do not raise bullies. Those that don’t, do. It’s really that simple.

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