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Plant for the future, vote yes on U

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Posted: Saturday, October 6, 2012 5:30 am

It has been said that, “It is the good and wise man who plants trees in which he will never enjoy their shade.” Thank you, Mr. Brehm.

While attending a Town Council meeting Tuesday, it struck me on the irony that the opponents of Measure U, who were enjoying the comfort of a building that was planted in 1973, have chosen to plant nothing for the future.

My wife and I brought a month-old baby and a toddler to this community over 30 years ago when we were just kids. We were able to do such because of the infrastructure planted by those good and wise men who lived in our new community. Many of those community members are no longer with us and my wife and I are now part of the senior population.

I have seen these same opponents, although they had different names, oppose the formation of the town and the construction of our life-giving water pipeline. They always choose not to plant for the future. Carefully look at those opposed to “U” and ask yourself if these people have ever planted anything good for our community. The answer always comes back, “no.” Then look around and see all of the trees that have been planted by those who support this measure.

The benefits of “U” have been clearly stated by others more eloquently than I am able. If you vote “no” on this measure, be assured that the opponents will never be able to get another measure on the ballot. If you vote “no,” you must plan to pay for the wastewater project, infrastructure and public safety without any help. Do not be fooled by their promise of a future ballot measure.

If you care for the people of our community, support this measure.

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  • mokk1 posted at 6:16 pm on Mon, Oct 8, 2012.

    mokk1 Posts: 290

    I promise Mr Hough that if you give me more money I will do something good with it...really, cross my heart.

  • Dave Peach posted at 8:38 am on Mon, Oct 8, 2012.

    Dave Peach Posts: 2998

    Agreeing to a non-binding promise to help with the sewer while Nuaimi remains dedicated to previously undisclosed, expensive and detrimental expenditures would be similarly reckless.

    With so many former friends and associates under increasing indictments, Nuaimi (and perhaps current associates) appears to be quite vulnerable to similar circumstances. This probably isn't a very good time to enter into legal agreements with any self-righteous crook.

    The local D.A. is reportedly involved in associated conflicts of interest and is undoubtedly of no positive value to local economic and legal issues, much like Nuaimi and associates, such as above.

    Contrary to ill-informed proponents, the town's coffers are unaffected by the sewer, except pertaining to receiving $17,000 in interest on loans paid to the town by HDWD's rate payers, many of whom aren't connected to the town or the sewer and who, as injured parties, probably should be filing complaints and/or class-action lawsuits against YVTC and HDWD with the attorney general.

  • ilovethehighdesert posted at 9:47 pm on Sun, Oct 7, 2012.

    ilovethehighdesert Posts: 36

    A vote of no on Measure U would put an unfair financial burden on the homeowners and businesses and leave the city with no choice but to make drastic cuts to valuable city services in order to pay for the sewer project.

    Measure U means a meager 1 cent sales tax that helps pay for road, police, and the city's sewer project. No one enjoys paying more in taxes, but sometimes it's important that we make a shared sacrifice for the betterment of the community.

  • Dave Peach posted at 9:18 am on Sun, Oct 7, 2012.

    Dave Peach Posts: 2998

    Sorry, Mike. However, these occasional oversights/neural lapses are fortunately much easier to figure out, disregard, excuse and/or correct:

    "Starting ill-conceived and ineptly-managed projects then passing the costs onto others is the forte [of] irresponsible children and the habit of [many] Yucca Valley officials."

    Exceptions are undoubtedly present, however inadequate and overwhelmed by readily available examples.

  • Dave Peach posted at 9:07 am on Sun, Oct 7, 2012.

    Dave Peach Posts: 2998

    Starting ill-conceived and ineptly-managed projects then passing the costs onto others is the forte irresponsible children and the habit of Yucca Valley's officials. Examples: aquifer; previously neglected water tanks and pipes; animal shelter; dog park; senior complex; increasing deterioration of the town and environment.

    Funding Nuaimi's agenda(s) while delaying means of paying for the sewer is transparently inept and/or corrupt. Neither represent anything new to Yucca Valley.

    The State of California needs to be held accountable for its culpability during the decades of costly exploitation and neglect. More importantly, it needs to place the project into hands of agencies that merit more trust than locally exhibited or earned.

    Blindly or opportunistically rushing through Measure U before the cost of the sewer can be determined or funded isn't logical or sensible. Many examples of similar shortcomings continue to expose themselves as unworthy of public trust.

    Allowing child predators to lead children into uncertain futures would be equally irresponsible and/or similarly guilty.

  • Margo Sturges posted at 11:32 am on Sat, Oct 6, 2012.

    Margo Sturges Posts: 85

    Sheldon Hough has the same script he foists on attendees of the HDWD meetings taking 10-15 minutes praising himself (and wife) for their accomplishments ad nauseam. I won't bore the readers about his need for praise and atta-boys.

    What strikes me is when Hough laments about his kids growing up playing on dirt fields instead of grass baseball diamonds or soccer fields. I have to ask the question, didn't they turn out okay? Were they damaged for sliding into home base on dirt? Seems to me that is part of growing up as a kid, you get dirty and dusty. I did. I had my school clothes and play clothes.

    Remember, this IS the desert. Water is very expensive to bring in to our remote and rural town. With energy costs only going up in the future and water becoming scarce. With that in mind, we should re-think all those "trees and grass" being planted for the future.

    And by the way, I am not aware there were any opponents against bringing in the water pipeline. This was passed with a wide margin to save the town, wink-wink. It mitigated the building moratorium and now here we are again, facing a sewer crisis.

    As in the situation of the pipeline, all citizens will rally for a special designated tax to pay for the sewers and will pass with a wide margin.

    Mr. Hough speaks of demonic forces looming over this town on Facebook.....yep, that's right...everyone is going doo-doo into our drinking water. The devil is in the details of Measure U, full of promises and deception.

    Thank you Mr. Hough for being the author of your own letter to the editor as a private citizen which is your right.

    I do take exception when you advocate in favor of Measure U while sitting on the dais. Are you above the law?

    For all these reasons, I urge the voters to vote No against Measure U.

  • idavidgraficks posted at 9:02 am on Sat, Oct 6, 2012.

    idavidgraficks Posts: 1036

    "Planting a Tree" is a very loaded metaphor for Yucca Valley. Yucca Valley has been bulldozing down Joshua Trees since Incorporation. The Town Council and Planning Commission have insisted on "planting" Joshua Trees the wrong way for decades. So, maybe the fact that Yucca Valley has "unplanted" over ten thousand Joshua Trees since Incorporation is more indicative of Yucca Valley's attitude towards natural resources and it's past. It's future will have a lot less Joshua Trees and more of whatever Mr.Hough has planted.


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