In response to a recent letter by Ron Brault (“Communists and socialists are masters of deceit,” Oct. 17), I want to draw attention to a remarkable document on climate change and national security. On Sept. 24, 64 former military and security leaders endorsed “A Climate and Security Plan for America.” It’s signed by Rear Admiral David Titley, former oceanographer and navigator of the Navy, and Gen. Larry D. Welch, former chief of staff of the U.S. Air Force, along with many others.

Here’s an excerpt: “Climate change is a threat that shapes the entire geostrategic environment, including our relationship with key regional powers, near peer competitors, rogue states and fragile nations — and in profoundly destabilizing ways.”

It’s important to look to independent organizations like the military when evaluating the threat posed by climate change. Because our armed services depend on scientific evidence to assess risk, they are less amenable to politicized science.

The U.S. military has expressed concern about climate change since the George W. Bush administration, and dozens of Defense Department documents on this issue can be accessed at

Urgently reducing greenhouse gas emissions and funding adaptation should be top priorities for every politician who is concerned about national security and global stability.

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Your argument is well taken by me. The contrarians might decide that all the military, intelligence agencies, and professional diplomats are a deep state conspiracy to upend Donald Trump’s “eloquent” interpretation of The Constitution. Oh my!


Military intelligence is an oxymoron.


The military also bombs , kills and maims innocent children , women and men in foreign countries to "secure" our freedom. Then calls the innocents collateral damage.

Probly not the foremost authority on the preservation and survival of humanity.

don mckinney

The U.S. military is the largest single polluter globally . Their armaments contain depleted uranium that is in small and large weapons . Their agent orange , not Trump , and phosphorous and 4 mile to the gallon MWRAPs are major polluters that include waste dump sites in California and globally and across all oceans . The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. 's military is 836 bases in over 170 countries . The burn sites sicken even the military personnel . The AIR FORCE aerial spraying for weather modification disperses silver iodide , Aluminum oxide , barium oxide , strontium and thorium among other combinations that pollute our drinking water , edible foods , breathable air . The long over head lines are the trails of these dispersals . Jet engines do not leave trails that last all day . Some days there are none , when the same number of commuter jets fly over . Then there is the climate change from deliberate bombing itself . Ask a Palestinian , a Yemenese , an Iraqi , an Afghan , a Syrian , a Venezuelan etc. too long to list , if they experienced climate change when the U.S. military left their families bodies strewn about , their homes and businesses demolished , forcing migration chaos to Europe and beyond ? When Greta's people realize these known facts there might be peace , but not with this crowd who accepts their military 's carnage of the entire planet and life as we knew it as a means of security from FEAR . With money borrowed at interest from Greta's people for our false sense of security while being robbed blind by these military mercenaries of personal greed , not PRINCIPLES . War glorification is the root cause of PTSD and 27 veteran suicides per day and 130 opioid deaths per day and cancer .

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