Let us look at the three causes of high gasoline prices in California, while gas prices throughout the nation remain well over a dollar lower and have not risen much lately — Iran, taxes and the governor.

California does not allow any new fuel pipelines, so the huge new flow of oil in West Texas cannot get here. It does get to Arizona, helping keep their gas prices down. California, therefore, has to get a lot of its oil from Saudi Arabia (it has to travel halfway around the world to get to the West Coast — West Texas oil fields are only 800 miles from California). Since Iran has damaged the oil production facilities in Saudi Arabia, the price for what is available for California has gone up.

California has the highest gas tax in the country, and some voters voted to raise the gas tax a couple of years ago; thank you.

Remember the gas tax vote was for money to be used for roads and transportation. We promise. Fix the local and state roads and bridges. Last week the governor, by executive order, took 5 billion dollars ($5,000,000,000) out of the transportation fund made up of fuel taxes, and put it into his favorite bottomless pit, climate change. Ha, ha, fooled us again! Nothing new, taxes we vote for never quite get where they are supposed to go.

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