Donald Trump, the commander in chief, is abandoning troops in the field. Pulling out of northern Syria after a midnight call with the dictator of Turkey. Leaving Kurdish fighters who have been side by side with our troops and doing most of the fighting vulnerable. What kind of an American is that?

Donald Trump, the American president, has asked at least three foreign governments to interfere in the 2020 presidential election by digging up or inventing dirt on his personal political rivals. What kind of American is that?

Donald Trump, our principal statesman, frequently uses profanity when communicating to the press in the White House even when sitting next to foreign dignitaries. What kind of American is that?

In those and many other ways, Trump is not the kind of American that should be in charge of this country.

I served in the U.S. military and I am furious that our president cut and run on our allies who will likely be overrun and killed by the Turks. And oh, by the way, Trump has two hotels in Istanbul, Turkey.

I am outraged that our president has no respect for the integrity of our elections. For him, holding onto power is more important than the United States Constitution.

I am disgusted by his personal behavior. I need say no more about that.

Donald Trump is not my kind of American.

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Branson Hunter

Watch Trump's full speech last night in Texas. It is filled with hate and loathing of 60% of the American people. Trump speech made me sick to my stomach. Furthermore, this man has no plan to move the country forward. All of his moves on the world stage always seem to benefit Russia, oligarchs and unsavory billionaires.



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