What is right?

The current turmoil involving the Democratic and Republican parties in Washington, D.C. appears to be fueled by “shoulds” on both sides. 

The Democrats in Congress feel that Trump should not abuse his power, obstruct Congress. Their should, Democrats indicate, is rooted in the U.S. Constitution.

In contrast, the GOP argues that Trump should not be impeached because he didn’t do anything wrong; he shouldn’t be removed from office. Their reasoning, it appears, centers on the fact that 64 million voters put Trump in office and the fact that the GOP members of Congress might not be re-elected if they don’t back the president. They might lose their power.

All these shoulds. Who is to say who’s reasoning is correct. What standard or rules “must” be adhered to by everyone. But there are laws in our society, enacted to provide safety, etc., prevent chaos. Then there is the Constitution. 

But we’re told it’s the way it is. Get over it.

It’s hard to accept that, sometimes, especially when it reaches an emotional level.

Will there be accord after the next election, when the majority votes and begin to rule?

I currently believe the stark division will still be there.

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If Trump wasn't such a miserable excuse for a human being, people might be able to get beyond politics a bit. But Trump will go down in history as a morally bankrupt sexist pig that ripped off almost every entity he's ever dealt with. He's sooo repulsive as a person that it's a wonder anyone takes him seriously about anything. Watching the GOP defend this spiritual leper to keep the one percent rolling in dough is an exercise in human debasement unmatched in American history. The idea of another 4 years of this horror show is more than most can stomach. Trump stinks as a husband, father, son and President. P.U!


This ranks as one of the best editorial comments I have seen on the subject of Trump. Well written, concise, and absolutely true.

Thanks booboo77

Branson Hunter

Huh, now Putin is defending Trump, saying that Trump did nothing wrong

I think it comes down to this, my opinion only, it's you ardently support Trump you're supporting a Russian interference with our election.


Just read the previous comments. I only agree that President Trump has a very blunt and cringeworthy style in many of Tweets. I support all of his America First agenda. I applaud his picks for Supreme Court justices and Federal judges. I am amazed at how easy he made it look to trim federal regulations that has resulted in this fantastic economy we are enjoying. I am proud that I voted for a president who finally confronted countries around the world and shamed them to start paying their share expenses in the U.N. and NATO. I am very impressed that he has replaced NAFTA with USMCA and at the same time is forcing China to sign a fair trade agreement with the USA! I look forward to voting for President Trump on Nov.3rd. I also look forward to reading your comments after he wins BIG. I imagine that I just Triggered those suffering from TDS. Relax, if I made it through 8 years of Obama, I am sure you can make it through 8 years of President Trump. Have a nice day.


Donald Trump is considered to be the most-admired man by more Americans this year than in his first two years in office, tying with Barack Obama as the most admired men in the country, with 18 percent of respondents of a new poll naming either the current or former president as top on their list. https://www.newsweek.com/donald-trump-tied-barack-obama-most-admired-man-year-poll-finds-1479637

Branson Hunter

Trump may be the last president of the United States of America.

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