This is the 18th anniversary of the horrific attack on 9/11 of the United States of America. The new investigative report on building 7’s free-fall destruction at 5:20 p.m. on 9/11 has been completed and presented to the public after $300,000 of donations and three years analysis and computer modeling by Professor Hulsey at the University of Alaska engineering department. The mandated building fire investigation by Congress was never reported and the Lawyers Committee for 911 Inquiry has sued the FBI for that lack of transparency and for the federal attorney general to convene a grand jury to accept evidence.

The news about this is missing. The findings are that simultaneous failure of all supports, not fire, led to the symmetrical free-fall demolition of building No. 7 at the World Trade Center on 9/11. Three-thousand architects and engineers, the Franklin District, New York fire commissioners, 400 university professors, the Lawyers Committee for 911 Inquiry and millions of citizens demand this report be made public. Why is it not known?

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There ya go.

don mckinney

@Josh That site is censored , shut down . Why are so many documentaries and movement bases being censored ? Why is this most important news OMITTED from our conversation or NEWS sources ? The Hi-Desert Star DID allow this letter to be printed . That is the only news you will hear on this subject , second to last page , other than the official narrative being fought for , for 18 years with no real report as mandated by CONGRESS . If you want to know who your enemy is , find out who and what you are NOT supposed to talk about . Censorship is TYRANNY . How did all the supporting structures fail simultaneously ? The FBI , CIA , Security and Exchange , Guliani's BUNKER and Communications center ., ATF , DEA , etc . were tenants of building # 7 WTC on 9/11 . Whodidit . organize your suspects . JFK to 911 : everything is a rich man's trick . Where are the weapons of mass destruction in IRAQ REMORSE ? Who benefits , then work backwards like any low level basic investigation ? Follow the money for a change ? Give mass credit to the HI-Desert Star for this open forum of potential news . Let me know what I would have learned Josh, had your link not been censored by YT . Thanks for your trying .


Why was there zero wreckage on the Pentagon lawn? Where's the six ton titanium engines? The 40 foot tail section? You could play croquet on that lawn that morning. And what caused building 7 to fall just like a Vegas hotel demolition? No plane ever hit it. Nearly 50 stories tall, it too fell in mere seconds. Americans will swallow anything.

don mckinney

The most secure sight on the planet , with the most cameras is the pentagon . All camera footage was confiscated by government officials , including nearby business security footage . Never to be seen again by the public . Andrews air force base is ten minutes away with anti-aircraft U.S. military weapons everywhere in that vicinity . More than 45 minutes notice was given prior to the pentagon attack that hijackers were active . Why did the air force stand down when they were also in the air at the time ? How do three towers be destroyed totally at free fall speed destruction ? With ZERO RESISTANCE , from two aluminum tubes that a bird would cave in the nose of ? Where is the evidence of an airliner and passengers and usual debris at the pentagon and at Shanksville , Penn . where an airliner with full crew aboard they tell us flew under ground never to be seen again and zero debris field as in ALL other airliners colliding with the dense earth ? These numerous FIRST TIME EVER events that took all of our RIGHTS AWAY were never investigated . Why ? Why are the American masses so complacent that they silently give all of their rights away based on this fantasy narrative with out even an investigation that is transparent .? ? Malasia trial found the Bush regime Guilty of war crimes involving this act of war and ensuing war crimes in Iraq . The U.K. John Chilcott Report showed Tony Blair Guilty of war crimes related to this matter as well . !8 years of war has made the WAR INDUSTRY very wealthy , while America becomes more morally and financially bankrupt . Our rights were taken while Americans waved the American flag in misplaced patriotism and went to war with no factual reason , end game , or purpose other than greed , theft of land and resources for foreign nations and global corporations profit . The law demands ALL high rise building fires be investigated . Building # 7 , WTC on 9/11 was finally investigated , as Congress demanded long ago , by the University of Alaska engineering department and the corporate media has OMITTED this news entirely . Why ? And why have the " patriots " , " my country right or wrong , fought for their descendants and their families rights to be taken with such a false narrative ? I think it is because T.V. told them to ? This is the new America ? Thanks booboo77 for your comment and correct information . It shows you CARE enough to do your home work required to be a true patriot of the truth wherever it leads . Very admirable and so rare today . FREE ASSANGE for reporting the truth in a FREE SPEECH world of not so long ago . His imprisonment PROVES FREE SPEECH is GONE GLOBALLY due to U.S . Hegemony . We see that false patriots , " from within " sold us out for the benefit of their slave masters .And money for themselves , free G.I. benefits ; education , home loan , medical , etc . mercenaries or patriots ? and quick cash for a new vehicle . What a deal ?

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