I just received my property tax bill and was shocked to see $157 added for a fire service fee. I was not aware of the tax kicking in but it would be interesting to see how many owners will abandon their properties as a result of it and county lose their “cash cows.” Forty years ago my dad, since passed, purchased lots on the expectation that Los Angeles Airport would be moved to the Hesperia district area and it would become a boom area; family has been paying taxes ever since. The 10-acre parcel has no road access, no water, no electricity and I was offered $600 for it before the fire service fee; I should have taken it but now will abandon it.

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I cannot help but wonder how the $1,023,493 annual budget for the Oxford fire service is raised.


So basically your dad placed a bet when he purchased the land decades ago, now it's time to cut your loss. You have three choices: sell, pay taxes, or not pay taxes. You're in NC, let the property go and move on.


$157.00, when there is nothing to burn on a vacant lot? I 'd let it go.


Your short comment speaks volumes.

Branson Hunter

Stanley didn't ask for advice, but I put the property up on the market so fast get rid of the property quite so fast. All property is unique. Property values have risen, are rising. The Airbnb Market is booming. There's not enough housing in the city.

Branson Hunter

Correction, It should read I wouldn't put it up on the market

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