In 2001 a Republican president took us to war in Afghanistan. It was a just and necessary response to an attack on America. A wealthy son of Saudi Arabia planned, financed and with a group of 19 terrorists, also mostly sons of Saudi Arabia, had killed over 3,000 human beings on American soil. We are still engaged in that conflict.

In 2003 the same Republican president got us into a war in Iraq based on dubious, later to be found to be wrong, intelligence. This war cost hundreds of lives of both Americans as well as allied troops and innocent Iraqis. It also destabilized the entire Middle East, with consequences still reverberating today.

Now in 2020, the current American president has us on the brink of another war in the Middle East with a much more formidable adversary. By killing a top Iranian military official, the equivalent of our joint chief of staff and CIA director, in a sovereign third country critical to our ability to be in the Middle East and fight terrorism, to the brink of another protracted war.

Trump took this action from his resort in Florida not even deeming it important enough to return to the White House and monitor the operation from the situation room. I wonder just how much his decision was influenced by cronies and lobbyists at his dinner tables?

Is he trying to have us “rally round the flag” and a ‘’wartime” president? I suspect he is.

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It's just been found out that Trump ordered the assassination to appease his Republican Senators concerning the Senate Impeachment Trial. Yup, he said it.


The President already answered your question because he can't stop saying the quiet part out loud: “Mr. Trump, after the strike, told associates he was under pressure to deal with Gen. Soleimani from GOP senators he views as important supporters in his coming impeachment trial in the Senate, associates said.”


Only 196 days to go, then I get to vote for President Trump again!!! Can hardly wait. Four more years!! YES!!


The real reason Fred? The Islamist regime came to power in 1979 by storming our embassy in Tehran and held 52 Americans hostage for 444 days. Iran's proxies(Hezbollah- with the approval and financing of senior Iranian officials) bombed our embassy in in Beirut Lebanon in 1983. Also in 1983 241 US Marines were killed by Iranian backed Hezbollah bombing. The Behesht-e-Zahra cemetery located in Tehran commemorates the bombings and its "martyrs" in Lebanon. President Reagan sank and destroyed several ships of the Iranian Navy in 1988 in response to Iranian aggression in the Persian Gulf. Iranian agents blew up the Khobar Towers dormitory used by U.S. Air Force personnel in Saudi Arabia in 1996. During the 2000s, Iran was responsible for the deaths of a major portion of the Americans killed in Iraq by Shiite militias. Their weapon of choice was the EFP devised and imported by General Soleimani and his Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps . Over the past six months Iran has shot down an American drone in international waters, attacked Saudi oilfields, disrupted oil shipments in the Persian Gulf, shot rockets at an airbase in Iraq causing the death of an American contractor, and stormed our embassy in Baghdad. What exactly did we think they were planning next? Brunch? Maybe another shipment of billions of dollars stacked on pallets? Mike Pompeo sent General Soleimani and other Iranian leaders a letter a while back holding them responsible for any attacks on U.S. interests by forces under their control. General Soleimani ignored the letter when it was handed over to him during the Abu Kamal offensive against ISIL, saying "I will not take your letter nor read it and I have nothing to say to these people." General Soleimani should had practiced a little due diligence and payed a little more attention in "knowing thy enemy". General Soleimani got what he deserved and died appropriately as most terrorist "who live by the sword" and eventually "die by the sword". I understand he was identified by a severed mangled hand with a bent ring that many servicemen has been subjected to by his use of EFP's. The death of the terrorist leader was an appropriate message delivered to Iran and their proxies that enough is enough. The media has reported many falsehoods by repeating Iranian propaganda in newspapers and television reporting. MSNBC falsely reported Iranian propaganda that "30 Americans were killed from the missiles". The New York Times "compared General Soleimani to Martin Luther King". CBS reported that "the US has stripped Iran of a inspirational military leader". Every sane person knows there is no moral difference between General Soleimani and Osama bin Laden. Both terrorist have a loving and loyal following. In a Wall Street Journal news article titled "Trump’s New National Security Team Made Fast Work of Iran Strike " it was discovered that after nearly 30 paragraphs into a 2,200-word story the statement "Mr. Trump, after the strike, told associates he was under pressure to deal with Gen. Soleimani from GOP senators he views as important supporters in his coming impeachment trial in the Senate, associates said". All those who suffer from TDS loves innuendos with unnamed sources and unnamed GOP senators when it drives an agenda. It instills just the right amount of questionable credibility that feeds the minds of those suffering from the syndrome. The headliner in every liberal news outlet went with "Trump Admits He Killed Soleimani To Keep GOP Senators With Him On Impeachment" and refers the WSJ article "Trump’s New National Security Team Made Fast Work of Iran Strike ". I am curious and would like to know exactly how many GOP Senators are not with him on the impeachment issue and if the killing of that terrorist had any effects. Laughable! Last I heard two GOP Senators Mike Lee and Rand Paul was not very happy over the strike upon General Soleimani. I guess this time it just would not be appropriate to simply blame the strike upon the Trump and Putin love affair we keep hearing about in the media and referenced many times by our astute commenters.


astute commenters?


Go watch the documentary "Loose Change" on line. Those 911 "hijackers" couldn't fly a kite much less a jumbo jet. They were so inept they were thrown out of their flight school. Wake up! Inside Job!


Ahhhh, boo boo here believes 911 was a inside job.

LOL ... that explains alot.


It was.


The flying part may be easy.

It's the parking you need to worry about.


Ahhhh- Josh believes some clown on full-time dialysis in a cave 24,000 miles away did it all by himself. You could play golf on the Pentagon lawn- zero wreckage. It's all online- check it out. The Twin Towers were built to be stronger than the PYRAMIDS. Think the PYRAMIDS could just collapse in 6 seconds? The towers were disintegrated in mid-air by weaponry the public has no idea even exists. The greatest government hoax in history!


Yes, booboo77’s logic, “…some clown on full-time dialysis in a cave 24,000 miles away did it…”

So tell us genius, just where do you think 24,000 miles away would be? Duh!


I'll say this slow for boo hoo.

Al-Qaeda is a militant Salafist Islamist multi-national organization founded in 1988 by Osama bin Laden, Abdullah Azzam, and several other Arab volunteers during the Soviet–Afghan War. Al-Qaeda operates as a network of Islamic extremists and Salafist jihadists.

Ok , I did the heavy lifting for you.




In all the gab about Iran and the USA in the papers and on TV, there's one name you never hear mentioned. The Shah of Iran. This brutal dictator, torturer and mass murderer was installed as Iran's supreme leader by none other than the United States. We toppled an elected leader and replaced him with one of the most evil monsters in history. He made Sadaam look like Santa Claus. Iran decided to have a revolution instead. They disposed the Shah and he took refuge under his good buddy Nixon here in the states. Meanwhile the Ayatollah Khomeini instituted an Islamic State to replace the dictatorship and expel all Americans from the area. The rise of the theocracy is directly attributable to our own misguided follies and failures. Giving Americans any real history seems to be verboten on the MSM. A true historical context for all this rabble-rousing bluster might actually make people THINK instead of scream. America keeps refusing to learn from it's mistakes and when the bit hits the fan everyone acts shocked and surprised.


Nixon? Sorry but Nixon resigned the presidency on August 9, 1974. The Shah of Iran and his government was deposed on 11 February 1979 thanks to the help of Jimmy Carter. The Shah of Iran was never granted exile in the United States but was allowed entry for medical treatment for cancer. The Shah of Iran's evil brutal dictatorship's regime was replaced by an even more brutal evil dictatorship by the name of Ayatollah Khomeini. It is true that Iran's government was replaced by a theocracy by the Islamic revolution. Islam is the religion of peace, love, and tolerance according to many scholars. Real history has recorded that the Islamic revolution of Iran is exporting conflict, hate, and intolerance throughout the region. All possible actions or inactions by other governments results in some sort of negative outcome especially in the middle east . There is no course of action or inaction that does not have a particular drawback and both can be considered a mistake in the historical context. This "rabble-rousing bluster " is used by ALL politicians to influence their supporters.

Branson Hunter

Come on... dictators are the passions of the POTUS. Need we mention the love affair with Kim Jong-un, the Chinese dictator who proclaimed himself leader for life, the Saudis control over their people, and Trump's admiration for all countries that have stifled Free Speech, assembly and a free Press.

leader in China,


The President should impart a little more love and compassion in his romantic affairs with dictators.

I would suggest a little more easing in the sanctions imposed on North Korea instead of increasing them to spice up the bromance.

After all the President is still waiting for his promised Christmas gift from Kim Jong-Un.

I would also suggest a little more easing of the tariffs imposed on imported goods from China since it is damaging China's economy and forcing President Xi to sign new trade agreements.

President Xi also expressed his heartfelt dismay when our President signed the Human Rights and Democracy Act that encourages free speech, assembly and a free press especially for the people in Hong Kong.

All countries that observe sharia law exercise control over their people stifle free speech, assembly and a free Press and not just Saudi Arabia.

Wasn't it nice to see those nice people risk their lives by exercising their free speech and assembly in Iran?

Shame on Donald Trump, right Branson?

don mckinney

After nearly twenty years some of our fellow citizens think 911 was an attack by Bin Laden ? This is a tooth fairy tale to create WAR and take our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AWAY ? No true American " patriot " with a functioning brain could possibly beLIEve that two aluminum tubes can obliterate five concrete and steel buildings in seconds . Buildings #6 and #4 were under reported . Building #7 WTC on 911 was NEVER hit by an aluminum tube and the 47 story bldg. was destroyed at 5:20 pm on 911 . The University of Alaska Engineering dept. did a four year study that cost nearly 400,000 dollars with computer modeling of the ACTUAL demolition . Their finding was that EXPLOSIVES were the cause of the destruction , NOT the building fire consisting of furniture only . The Franklin District FIRE Commissioner who lost first responders DEMANDS a proper INVESTIGATION of 911 as is required by law . The Lawyers Committee For 911 Inquiry DEMANDS a proper INVESTIGATION of 911 and is suing the FBI for that and DEMANDING a Federal Grand Jury be formed to Accept EVIDENCE of that CRIME . The Federal attorney general agreed to comply but no sign of it happening thus far . The 3,000 Architects and Engineers for 911 TRUTH demand the required INVESTIGATION of 911 with MILLIONS of real " Patriotic Americans " and first responders and their relatives , all victims of 911 . The other victims are real Americans whos lives were changed forever by the archaic Patriot Act , National Defense Authorization Act , Marshall Law , Freedom of Speech and thought brought about by the acceptance and enforcement of " MISPLACED " patriotism by IGNORANT American WAR MONGERS , calling themselves patriotic . When your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS ARE TAKEN , a REAL PATRIOT WILL INVESTIGATE . Authority is NOT the TRUTH . The TRUTH is the AUTHORITY . With out free speech , there can be NO TRUTH . Section # 1021 and # 102 of the Patriot Act take your rights away . Drumpf , real Khazar name has taken free speech away with the Anti- boycott , divest and sanction laws in his executive order . This is also free thought and free speech . If you want to know who your enemy really is ? Find out who and what you are not supposed to talk about . The Shanksville , Penn. Airliner crash on 911 consisted of a full plane flying UNDERGROUND , never to be seen again . With NO DEBRIS field of bodies , luggage and airliner frame or giant titanium billet ENGINES in the proximity . Same at the Pentagon on 911 . 100 cameras and NO real footage of an airliner crash or debris field . Just a small hole . With this being the most life changing event of modern times and the LIES to WAR in Iraq for WMDs that were Not there , How can any " Patriotic American " beLIEve these LIES to never ending WARS with nine countries ? It would take a foreign agent against the American way of life and past rights of the CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS to still be so IGNORANT of the FACTS involved that they could easily be determined to be the " ENEMY WITHIN " that we are warned of . Order Followers with NO moral compass to determine right from wrong and IGNORING the FACTS that endanger their American fellow citizens . The facts can be seen in the forty plus " FIRST RESPONDERS TESTIMONY " these enemy " Misplaced Patriot WAR MONGERS " IGNORE " . This IGNORANCE has cost America 21 TRILLION DOLLARS Borrowed from the Bankstas to be used to ENFORCE the Bankstas home lands , Not Americans homes . We are NOT safer as a result . Evidence IGNORED is at Loose Change , and AE911TRUTH , " JFK to 911 : everything is a rich man's trick " , hellstorm , ZEITGEIST 2007 , Know More News , Tru News , Dr. Khalid Muhammed , Alan Lamont , Jesuit Oath on our Congressional record , Act of 1871 , act of 1913 , act of 1933 , our " Noahide Laws ' public Law 104 mar.7,1991 calling for beheading Idol Worshippers and Blasphemers from the babylonian Talmud , Sanhedrin 56a - 59 , Talmud regardin GOYIM per Reverend Ted Pike , Brother Nathaniel , and Last but Not least . " common sense " . Any investigation starts with " WHO BENEFITS " from the crime ? The money trail has NEVER BEEN FOLLOWED . The " PATRIOTS " never listened to the first responders who gave their lives to rescue people they did not even know . The FAKE Patriots rush to war over the " tooth Fairy " style lies leaves America under the yoke of the real terrorists . General Smedley Butler said " WAR is a RACKET " in his book . America is full of the " enemy within " Masquerading as " Patriots " . Beware of them for they truly are the " ENEMY WITHIN " . All Mass media is OWNED by them and their propaganda attack on America has cost us our rights , freedom and income . It is COWARDLY to borrow from your grand children to fund your FEAR and SECURITY MYTHS . There is nothing to fear but FEAR itself . And the so called ignorant " Patriots " WITHIN . The enforcers are mercenaries for MONEY MAINLY , being as jobs are scarce by DESIGN to encourage enlistment . We are worse off and where is the reparations for the GENOCIDE in Iraq ? A million man march in Iraq and the Parliament / democracy we placed there by force DEMANDS AMERICANS LEAVE IRAQ NOW . And Drumpf refuses to go . Where is that democracy or ours ? Thanks to the enforcers of evil , mostly within our once great country .


That'll be enough DON Key points taken.

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