Once a month four friends meet for lunch, we call ourselves “ROMEOS” (Retired Old Men Eating Out).

We are all veterans, in our late 80s. 

Last Wednesday, we chose Applebee’s for lunch and were seated at a table for four.

Across from us in a booth was another gray-haired man, seated by himself. He didn’t seem to pay much attention to the four of us, but got our attention sitting alone, maybe quietly catching some of our stories. He left quietly before we were finished.

When we were finished our waitress told us our bill had been paid for by the gray-haired stranger. We four ROMEOS were speechless. We had just experienced a genuine caring man, the image is brilliant in our minds.

Next time we would like to meet this man and have him join us for lunch. It brings to mind the image of Jesus meeting two disciples on the road to Emmaus.

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Bless your heart for sharing something so beautiful and heartwarming. It made me smile!

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