We have a growing problem in Yucca Valley. In spite of our leash laws, many people continue to let their dogs run loose. I was walking my dog May 23rd and someone let their two pit bulls out, and they attacked my dog.

The owner came out and pulled the most aggressive one off. Luckily my dog survived, but is totally traumatized and afraid of all dogs now. I spent over $200 at the vet.

My neighbor’s two dachshunds were attacked by two pit bulls a couple of days ago. After spending over $6,000, they both had to be put down yesterday.

There are no consequences for this, because it is “dog on dog,” as I was told by animal control.

Some responsible people can’t walk their dogs, because they fear what will happen as a result of irresponsible pet owners letting their dogs terrorize neighborhoods.

This is an expanding community — more people, more dogs.

If you choose to have attack dogs, leash them, fence them, control them!

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Carry pepper spray in a 2.5 oz. container. It's legal in CA for self-defense.


It's time that the Town consider banning aggressive breeds. A man walking his dog on a leash was attacked by two pitbulls last Thursday on Skylline .Ranch Rd. The dog was mauled and died two days later. Small children live within 30 yards of these animals. This tragedy has been repeated too many times in recent years in YV. In this instance, there will be a hearing to decide the pitbulls' fate. Of course their owners could do the right thing now, and save everyone involved a lot bother.

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