In the Oct. 24 paper’s Your View section, Richard Nichols of Yucca Valley asserted that all major U.S. demographics were enjoying the best employment rates in many decades or indeed ever; our petrochemical energy sector, although under attack by socialist Green New Dealers, was producing and exporting at record volumes; military funding per annum would exceed $700 billion in 2019 and 2020. Mr Nichols’ obvious overall message was that in light of all these statistics impeachment of the president was silly.

None of the forgoing statistics was attributed but in the spirit of civility I will assume they were issued by some more or less credible primary source, i.e. not Mr Trump. Nevertheless one should remember the adage that statistics can deceive. The African American employment rate most certainly is not at an-all time rate compared to the period of slavery in America. Also, employment and unemployment rates are often inaccurately computed based on unemployment benefit claims which yields false employment highs when those no longer drawing unemployment are assumed employed.

One more thing: Doesn’t it excite suspicion that the homeless rate seems to be skyrocketing and also that for the first time in many years people report feeling generally less well off than their parents?

When one removes pollution and zoning regulations on the petrochemical industry, one needn’t conclude Trump is a financial wizard deserving reelection to explain the newfound prosperity of said energy sector. Rather one should conclude that it is criminal to trade the health of the planet for short-term enrichment of a few predatory businessmen.

Of course no one is advocating an immediate cessation of oil-based heating and transport but a recent Stanford study concluded that if we should be so fortunate to survive global warming (all the frozen methane doesn’t melt) it will cost about $3 trillion to transition to green energy as fast as possible and $30 trillion if we dally while swallowing the Kool-Aid of Donald J(onestown) Trump.

In conclusion, don’t spend $716 billion next year on defense when we can already kill everybody on Earth 10 time over! Don’t act like a coven of R.J. Reynolds ciggy or Juul vaping stockholders — support transition to clean “green” energy. That’s not “socialistic” and it’s actually not rocket science nor predicated on junk science (see, for example, two pages summarizing the problem and its solution at

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