Here is some food for thought related to the Measure C school bond:

Morongo Unified School District claims the state is going to match the bond project funds, but the bond on file with the voters’ registrar says this is not guaranteed. The reality is there is NO guarantee the funds will be matched; MUSD is simply “eligible” to apply for funding.

The state of California Education Department “Dashboard” is a rating system of schools for various criteria based on the California Department of Education standards. Overall MUSD is rated below or average. Instead of focusing on building a new performing arts center, why don’t they improve their ratings, which would be a great selling point for the local realtors?

Also there is a major issue with local schools and “chronic absenteeism,” yet MUSD claims the schools are overcrowded. The school district shows 8,614 students enrolled and according to the state Dashboard there is a 14.30 percent absentee rate. That means 1,232 students are not going to school regularly and therefore not using their facilities. Also, not to mention the students that are home schooled and not using their facilities but included in their enrollment numbers. How can they say there is an issue with overcrowding when a lot of kids are not using their facilities?

The Department of Education concludes their report on MUSD reflecting that there are no issues related to repair needs at any of the MUSD facilities; in fact, they are 100 percent meeting state standards in this area. It seems the school district is reporting one thing to the Education Department and telling a different story to the voters!

We are voting “NO” on Measure C and saying “NO” to another 30-year bond!

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Regretfully, I will be voting NO on bond measure C due to other taxes, fees, and expenses related to San Bernardino County's per parcel "fire protection fee". Between the fire fee and my fire insurance policy increase from LACK OF LOCAL FIRE COVERAGE, I cannot justify laying out more money above and beyond the additional SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS per year in addition to the current property taxes for a residence that basically receives ZERO in services.

School repairs will just have to get done "in house" using the existing budget. Should pupils need some golly gee whiz equipment or cutting edge electronics then HOLD A BAKE SALE!

As it stands currently, I would rather see my local fire station equipped and manned again for my and others safety and piece of mind (as well as a reduction in fire hazard insurance rates).

Mark Simmons

It’s time for the MUSD to reach out to private corporate entities to fund their projects instead of asking property owners to foot the bill. We taxpayers are already taxed enough! Our properties shouldn’t be viewed as an “open checkbook!” Indeed, have a bake sale or various other fundraisers. Budget better. Your problem isn’t mine or other hard-working taxpayers problems! NO on Measure C!


NO ON MEASURE C. NO MORE TAXES. I am middle class, and all told (Property, sales, income etc.) I am paying close to 20% of my income on taxes. Enough is enough. NO ON MEASURE C and the new PROP 13. Vote out the taxers, get rid of Newsome, NO MORE TAXES.

Branson Hunter

Mark S., MUSD has experience in reaching out to corporate entities to fund their projects.MUSD

Branson Hunter

...MSUD reach out and successfully secured Casino money to fund their promotion of Measure C. MUSD found a loophole to subvert the law and to Hoodwink property owners.

Mark Simmons

Branson, I didn’t know that. I appreciate that little tidbit of information. Thanks! M-


An Aquatic Center won’t save the kids we’re losing. Charter Schools can become as corrupt as the district. There have been some good people who have banded together to help our kids in earnest.

The Superintendent does everything possible to shutdown anything that threatens losing their seat time money. We have kids who are not going to school. We end up supporting them because Government Assistance becomes a life style.

The real unfinished project, is adding classrooms, teachers, and school options that give parents a choice. We’re losing a generation to a lackluster approach. Things like the Aquatic center will be viewed from the windows of class rooms with a 35 to 1 teacher ratio. It’s unrealistic and the data is showing it.

If I was broke and asked for gas money but bought a new shiny pair of rims for my car, how would that make you feel?

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