As vice president of the SoCal Chapter of the Flying Doctors (Los Médicos Voladores), I wish to thank the many people of the community who attended the Community Health and Veterans Outreach event and received much needed dental, vision and chiropractic care.

The event would not have been possible without the sponsorship of the Morongo Basin Healthcare District. Also, the event could not have been held without the partnership of Healing California Charities, who provided all the equipment and supplies. Support from the Copper Mountain College and the use of the Bell Center provided one of the best venues we have seen. Key was the arrival of local Elks club members the day before who set up all the equipment.

Most of all, I wish to thank the many local volunteers who worked side by side with the dental, optometric and chiropractic volunteers of Healing California, Flying Doctors and the staff of the Healthcare District. Many volunteers returned to the Morongo Basin to “give back” to their community.

The event showcased students of the Copper Mountain College nursing program as well as members of the Morongo Unified School District Registered Dental Assisting Program.

We look forward to being invited back next year. We would bring an increased capability by expanding our dental treatment area from 15 chairs to 20 chairs. Given the high demand for vision services, we would like to expand our vision capabilities to include positions for four optometrists allowing us to provide vision services for up to 100 people.

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VP SoCal Flying Doctors

My apologies to the local Eagles by incorrectly indicating the Elks assisted in the event set-up. The local Eagles stepped in for the event set-up.

Also, the Flying Doctors have been invited to return in March of next year.


Who would not commend the volunteers. Wow, if only our whole societal network was so giving and caring.

Branson Hunter

Our depressed area needs a few good Morongo Basin dentist and doctors to cooperate and volunteer for one day when these The Flying Doctors Return. They have humbly asked for the help of local doctors and DENTISTS next time they. This free healthcare for our area is possible by the benevolence of this nonprofit organization. It works better with a community effort -- to which ought to include a few Gods of Basin -- doctors and dentists. I can't help very much since I have no medical experience. But I pledge $5.00 to any local doctor or dentist that can volunteer for a day when The Flying Doctors return. I hope the $5 bucks will act as an incentive for struggling licensed doctors and dentists.
OFF TOPIC: Scan Health Care has no contract dentists in the Morongo Basin (so they say). This means that scan members have to go to the closest dentist in DHS or elsewhere in the Coachella Valley. Why are they no local dentists on the Scan list of participating contract dentists?

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