President Trump called Dr. Ford’s testimony “credible” and days later mocked and then slammed her at his campaign rallies. He also slammed Democrats, essentially equating them with “the mob.” This from a man who has stated several times that he wants to “unify our country.”

At the Kavanaugh hearings, Mitch McConnell also slammed Democrats, calling them “obstructionist.” This from a man who directed the GOP to fight and impede Obama nonstop for EIGHT YEARS. And resolutely refused a vote on Obama’s judge. Then insisted upon quick Senate votes on both of Trump’s nominees. Hypocrisy!

And now, we have a Supreme Court justice who believes a sitting president should be immune from virtually any form of indictment, which could be very handy if New York State takes Trump to task for years-back alleged tax fraud.

Kavanaugh, along with Trump, also wants to roll back the separations of church and state. One possible outcome: Some day any member of the business community, government or even health care, etc., would have the right to refuse service based upon that person’s religious beliefs.

I must also mention, the budget busting tax cuts designed primarily for the super rich, and endless attempts to demolish health care for tens of millions of Americans, while offering alternate plans that are essentially worthless. And, what about Trump’s endless lying and his never ending praise of dictators and despots?

I must also mention, Trump’s recent edict, “Trade wars are good.”

And, Trump’s Muslim ban 3.0.

And, locking up migrant children in cages.

Trump, McConnell, newly minted Kavanaugh and Mike Pence (I’m a Christian, a conservative and a Republican), all co-creators of the new extreme hard right “Trumplican” party, are unfit to run the United States of America which, prior to around November 2016, was more or less considered a civil, forward-looking nation.

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XLNT... what else can I say? You'd think that anyone who reads this would agree and understand what you are implying. Who knows if the mass of mindless persons in this neighborhood even open the news to the Opinion page! Please write again and again - THANK YOU!


Well...there is not much more to add to your editorial...the Trumplicans have turned into a group of heartless "mob" of old white men with a grudge on their shoulders. There is absolutely no diversity in our administration, and the only group of people who have benefited from the new reforms are the rich. God forbid someone should be from another country; have a pre-existing condition; or need food stamps until they can get back on their feet financially. We will all be paying the price for those who voted Trump back in 2016.


I would surely bet you are a true "Conservative" and a "Republican" Mr./Mrs./ Miss L. McVicker as you claim. I really love the weekly letters to the editor that expose your often repeated liberal rhetoric. Ever consider joining those who hold your true values and joining the Democratic Party? They could use more people with a little more integrity and could possibly benefit from your honesty! I would bet you would be welcomed with open arms and those conservatives you hate so much would not even miss you. Maybe the ridiculous statement regarding that you are a "Conservative " and a "Republican" is as misleading as any other of the hyperbole used in your letter. I am using the word "misleading" to be nice so that your "Christianity" claim will not be questioned.


We used to be a civil nation. Now it is politicians that are actually calling for and supporting incivility. It is now calling those who simply disagree as "mobs of old white men ", "racist", and ""homophobes" when debate does not work. Now we call accusations "credible" with absolutely no collaboration simply to discredit and obstruct. These sad times of "incivility" and endorsing "socialism" we are witnessing on a daily basis by the liberals. It should do the trick in gaining back the political power they once enjoyed before they went insane .

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