This is response to an opinion published on March 12, “Does GOP really want a King Trump?”

“Constitution crushing” — This comment puts me on the floor in which I am laughing so hard. It has been the Democrats that continually rewrite the Constitution. Not only that, but the Democrats are the ones who are taking my Social Security from my pocket. We need (for some reason) to pay for the illegal immigrants! Trump is only bring back the true Constitution. And as well, it was the Democrats that robbed everyone’s Social Security to balance their budget, and have yet to pay back!

“Messianic” — Yes we believe in Jesus, this was how we were founded, we needed freedom of religion!

“Autocratic liar” — Your Barack Obama, this was a true autocratic liar! We are all liars, this is called human beings, and trust me you and I are both liars!

“Darken America” — Trump has done more for this country then anyone has. I ask you, just where has he darkened America? He has brought jobs back to America, it was Clinton who sold we Americans out. Oh yes, good old NAFTA, this is when everyone lost their jobs, and this is another reason we have so many homeless. Yes, no jobs. Now I will admit that Barack made jobs, but only at fast food joints, no jobs were created that would sustain a family?!

I’m going to put this person’s opinion on my refrigerator. This way, when I need a good laugh, I’ll read it again!

EDITOR’S NOTE — This letter was edited so it addresses only the editor and not the other writer.


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I sure have thought about those other letters. Yup, drinking.

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