This is regards to the “Sign Guy” and his right to the First Amendment. I think people should be aware that he really could care less about the First Amendment. His only concern is to get people to argue and to see how far he can verbally push and agitate people.

I walk my dog at the city park on Dumosa frequently. I have watched him and listened to him try to instigate people into arguments over many different subjects from religion, politics, sexuality, children and anything else he can think of to get people riled. He gets the situation going and then leaves laughing. Now he is doing the same thing with the city and the ban on signs at the summer concerts.

This has nothing to do with the First Amendment. He definitely needs attention in one form or the other. Keep the ban so people can go somewhere just to enjoy themselves.

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Branson Hunter

Hi Cathy,

Your personal observations are interesting. The only comment is the issue IS all about the First Amendment. It's about the 1st A. rights of Mr. Wilkinson; about the Bill of Rights;about your speech rights to defend your dislike of wilkinson's grandstanding in the public square; about the federal and state judicial oversight; about the balancing free speech with governments rights or government intrusions; about the rights of people to hear the alternative views of Mr. Wilkinson's soap box speech and see his signs; and it's about the historic role of stare decisis? What codes or laws Mr. Wilkinson violating? I understand that some folks are very unhappy with having to see or hear Mr. wilkinson.

However, what about all the thousands of people that see him and his signs as they drive the intersection of SR62 and OWS Road -- that have not complained.

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