When it comes to climate change, a determined 16-year-old from Sweden has more wisdom and sense of urgency than the controlling policy makers of the United States. The United Nations secretary general recently stated: “Governments will follow public opinion … sooner or later.” He calls global warming an emergency, now. The United States is the most important influencer in the world so why are we no longer joining with other countries to fix global warming? The secretary general tells leaders, “Don’t bring a speech, bring a plan.” I have a suggestion for what some of us can do to bolster the needed public opinion.

Let’s first consider that when Ebola entered our country, decisive action was taken. When the financial markets were melting down, decisive action was taken. When hurricanes approach the United States, resources are mobilized. So why are we not as decisive in our actions to battle that which is killing the earth? It is time to shelve other partisan issues until we stop global warming. What could be more important? Once a plan (something bigger than rebuilding Europe after World War II) is implemented, then humans will have much more time to bicker about other stuff.

When the next president is sworn into office I will be 70 years old. Sooner, rather than later, I will just be plain dead. So, why do I care about the future of my descendants? Because I cannot envision saying, “Hey kids, we got what we wanted, sorry about our mess that is going to kill you.” We knew it and did nothing? It sounds like “I can’t be bothered.”

So, fellow senior citizens, let’s join with the youngsters who want their own happy, healthy and prosperous lives and join them as a senior global climate movement. We seniors can use our final years to reject candidates who scorn science. We can demand that new policies follow scientists’ recommendations to save the earth for the unborn. That means widening “sanctity of life” to include a much bigger population.

Right now, you can contact the president, federal and state legislators and emphasize that there are no “do overs” of the creator’s work and that we won’t let this miracle be shamefully destroyed without a fight. *

One last request of my fellow seniors is that each of you to look in the nearest mirror and answer whether you are a “concerned elder” or a “don’t care elder.” Why not post a reply in the “Letters to the Editor” comments section at hidesertstar.com? I want to know just how much the seniors of the Morongo Basin care, or not care, about “saving the children.” That slogan is more meaningful than ever because our commitment will impact every child who outlives us. Yes, save the children, and prove that we really care about family.

Politicians listen to seniors more than any other voting group. Let’s be inspired by a 16 year old who pleads for us to take her fears and scientific evidence seriously.

Our legacy can be that we were pivotal advocates among those who, “meant it, fixed it, and saved it!”

Let’s go, grandmas and grandpas! 

 * whitehouse.govfeinstein.senate.gov, harris.senate.gov, cookforms.house.gov, ad42.asmrc.orggrove.cssrc.us, sbcounty.gov (Rowe).

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Branson Hunter


Your letter brings back memories of April 22, 1970. The very first Earth Day. Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin created Earth Day. An estimated 20 million people nationwide attended. The city I lived in turned out in mass at the city park. It was unbelievable. With the help of less than a dozen others activists, we established an Earth Day. We set up booths, events, educational materials, hands-outs, earth material art forms were set up for the youth to participate.

There were interesting speakers such as science people, community groups and a couple of elected officials.

It was the biggest event in the town’s history.

Since that time, we have made some progress but have largely walked backwards. We’ve defiled and shamelessly exploited the planet, and runaway hyper-consumption is a pandemic sickness.

Much of what sixteen year old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg spoke of in her addresses to world leaders at the start of the 2019 Climate Action Summit in New York is the same warning we hear April 22, 1970.

Do we need everything we want? The broken world we leave young people like Greta is not much to be proud of is it?

Seriously, how is their future going to be? Acting begins with us.

“We are at the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth,” Thunberg said, her voice wavering and her eyes filling with tears.

We should vote wisely and support candidates who are climate aware and committed to action.


The climate deniers have not posted yet, but I’m sure they will. Bottom line for me is that taking the higher road is better than the alternative. What do we have to lose if we reign in carbon excess? The follow up question is “ what might we gain.?” Nice comment Mr. Hunter.

Branson Hunter

Thank you Mr. horsehouse.


Why did you decide that I am Mr?

don krouse

I am not going to draw massive conclusions about the lack of response by seniors. I prefer to think that seniors contacted representatives instead of writing here. Thanks for reading.

Tish Miller

I'm in. This is an important issue, actually, the most important issue. I am linking all my senior friends to this article and asking that we join together in contacting our representatives. Thank you Don, well put.

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