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Won’t sit back while GOP destroys lives

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Posted: Wednesday, March 8, 2017 5:29 pm

Thank you, Mr. Cook, for telling us all how you care about our health care, however you’ve voted against the Affordable Care Act again and again since its inception without any replacement. Why? You tell us how you want to do as you think your constituents would want. Taking away their (our) health care without any replacement … is this what we, as the people, really want? Don’t think so, yet you have consistently voted to get rid of it. Again, why?

Mr. Cook, this is why “we the people” want to meet with you so you understand that taking away our health care without a good alternative is not an option. Do you honestly think that we are going to sit back and let you and your GOP buddies destroy our lives? Think again.

You say that now that Mr. Trump is our president, you will follow his lead, but will you actively look into his involvement with Russia in regards to the hacking as well as with Mr. Trump meeting with Russian oligarchs during the campaign? Hmmm? (Oh yes he did.)

When Mr. Obama was “our” president, why didn’t you think that he was voted in by the people (your constituents), which he was, and then take the opportunity to work with him for the good of us all? You and your fellow Repubs have tried to quash and destroy almost all of President Obama’s policies while others, including Rush, Hannity, O’Reilly, etc., were (and still are) saying very derogatory things about him.

Mr. Cook, whose side are you on … Trump and the Republican Party or the American people? Time to chose, Sir, and if I may … please quit hiding in your ivory tower.

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  • Mike posted at 12:04 pm on Fri, Mar 10, 2017.

    Mike Posts: 921

    Hey Stephen!

    Would you defend Obamacare even if you knew it discriminates against a particular religious group?

    It does. Think about it.

  • TwoToeJoe posted at 8:26 am on Thu, Mar 9, 2017.

    TwoToeJoe Posts: 486

    I would guess if the government subsidized my healthcare I would complain too. I should be thankful that not only should I pay for my plan, pay taxes, provide for my family but I should chip in and pay for those who don't. After all that is what some consider fair. No wonder so many are jumping on the gravy train and let our government take care of their needs. Seems as if those who have worked for a lifetime to earn a living have wasted their time since needs are now handed out. This dilemma is getting worse each year and will continue with no end in sight. The government should have never gotten involved in the war on poverty and entitlements. The problems will keep getting worse and will eventually destroy everyone's lives with this wealth distribution scheme. That big government mentality is destroying all lives. But keep it up with that idea that Washington solves problems. That is the best you can do.


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