As a retired teacher in our desert community, I have learned many important lessons over the years and the most important is that we need to be advocates for our own family and not rely on others to do it for us.

Measure C will provide funding for projects in our schools to update and continue the process of providing the best services possible for our kids — your kids. It would be great if our tax dollars covered everything we needed; I get that. The reality is that they don’t.

I always believed that the most important thing happening in my classroom was the interaction I had with my students, but there was always something — some tool, some resource, some facility — that would make it even better.

Teachers do more than you think every day to make the educational experience better for their students; wouldn’t it be nice to say that you helped with that?

Please vote “yes” on Measure C.

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Mark Simmons

Pay the existing school bond first. We need another school bond like we need a hole-in-the-head! I, along with my spouse and other families like mine already pay enough taxes on our small property. We cannot afford an additional tax should Measure C and Prop. 13 pass. MUSD’s problem with its budget shouldn’t be mine or the community’s problem. Most households spend within its means. I suggest the MUSD do likewise. Properties shouldn’t be viewed as a “blank check “ or a “line of credit” for local agencies like MUSD to spend, spend, spend. The district needs to tighten its belts and cut the salaries of the higher-ups within the district. Your problem isn’t my problem MUSD! I’ve already voted NO on Measure C and Prop. 13. I urge those in the TEA crowd, Taxed Enough Already to do likewise.


Besides being buried in news fees and taxes, the taxpayers are still paying off an existing school bond.

It is clearly evident that MUSD cannot be trusted to properly plan their annual budget to include proper maintenance of what they now have, nevermind adding yet more infrastructure that will require maintenance and normal operating costs above and beyond what they CAN'T HANDLE NOW.

It's not like there was a catastrophic failure in a facility the requires emergency repairs.

Quite simply; MUSD should get their act together and use the existing budget that taxpayers have more than generously have provided them.

MUSD came looking for additional funds a scant time ago, and prudent taxpayers declined to throw good money after bad into a sink hole of new luxury items.

Nothing has changed.

A "NO" vote means taxpayers demand fiscal responsibility from all of our governmental services.


No Donna, no more Taxes of any kind. I am so tired of tax and spend, with nothing to show for it. You have a bond in place. Pay it off before asking for more. We pay sky high gas tax, and look at the condition of Hwy 62. Should we expect the same from MUSD of measure C passes? More tax and nothing to show for it. How much work did the last bond do for us anyway? Bet you won't answer that will you?

bill jenkins

i voted yes on C today.

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