I heard that there are people in Twentynine Palms that want housing for the homeless. That’s not so smart as it will encourage more of them to come.

Housing for homeless veterans I’m fine with.

I’m almost 73 years old and am tired of being harassed by these vagrants. I don’t wear my wedding rings anymore after having a knife pulled on me. They have grabbed me by the arms and tried to keep me from getting into my car. There is a very dangerous homeless woman in town. She has tried to assault me on more than one occasion.

Most of the homeless are drug addicts!

Calling the sheriff does no good as they are long gone before they can get here to help you. This is a town I used to feel safe in, but not anymore. My thoughts are to get them out of our city, not build housing for them.

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Branson Hunter

Thank you for your letter sir. Having lived in the Basin for going on 19 years, I have not had any problems.


I agree with this gentleman, I have lived up here for 30 yrs and I have watched this area get destroyed by homeless. the town needs to buy them all a one way bus ticket and ship them down to palm springs like they have been doing to us.


Thank you for your letter... MADAM


You are 73? YOU could wind up being homeless overnight yourself. Are you a drug addict? Your letter is so symptomatic of the cold-blooded idiocy that passes for wisdom these dark days. What other groups of people can you stereotype as sub-human and unworthy of existence? God knows you're probably a Trumpeter too.

Robert Doe

We can't simply discard people or try to push them off to some other community. These acts don't actually address the underlying cause of the homelessness, be it mental illness, drug addiction, or both. The author is definitely correct about the danger vagrants pose. Not only do they increase the number of thefts and assaults, but I have also seen some running across busy roads at all hours and with no regard for the safety of drivers much less their own.

Branson Hunter

Robert D, yu post a thoughtful and judgement-wise interesting comment. Let's add to that all homeless are not addicted to drugs or alcohol, or are they thiefs or thugs. And crossing or running across 29 Palms Highway ends up a "throw of the dice." All kinds of folks cross or run across SR62, including some homeless street individuals.


I was born in Palm Springs, didnt leave Ca. Untill I was 34 years old. I was gone for 15 years. I Love the Desert it is and always will be my home and a part of who I am. I moved home 2 1/2 years ago.

I'm by no means justifying unexceptable behaviour by homeless people. I'm not going to lie, I was alarmed by the fact that just about every store in the high desert as well as the lower desert, homeless are asking for $ .i was shocked when one approached me before I even got my door open to get out.

Yes it can be scary and annoying, but desperate people do desperate things.

When I began my search for a home, it didnt take me long to realize why there are so many homeless in our desert. My biggest concern is not for those homeless people who are addicts thief's and have no regard for anyone even themselves. Because I promise for every homeless person who is all of that there is a person who is not homeless that is just as bad if not worse.

My concern is what about those who need affordable housing, those who dont make enough $ to own a vehicle in the state of Ca. And pay rent. P00p happens and when your one paycheck away from homelessness. ..then it happens...

Suddenly you are labeled, "Really" everyone deserves a chance. From what I see the homeless have no chance.

Maybe we need to come together as a community and be a part of the solution instead of part of an ever growing horrible problem. This is my home as well as there's what makes us so different?? There are good people and bad, homeless or not rich or poor.

That's just my opinion have a nice day.

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