I am writing this letter in response to a Guest Soapbox that was written a few weeks ago by a lady named Tamara Blevins, who I do not know personally.

First of all I would like to say that I commend her for having the courage to take a verbal stand for her beliefs and support for President Donald Trump.

I agree with her explanations on the Trump policies that she mentioned. It seems to me to support President Trump today in any way such as wearing his red MAGA hat (“Make America Great Again”) in public really takes courage because there is so much hate and disdain for Trump supporters out there. It really boggles my mind when I see all of the animosity expressed by the “Trump haters” on television.

However, that being said, I want to say that I strongly disagree with Miss Blevins’ negative comments concerning the editor and writers (i.e., staff) of this newspaper, the Hi-Desert Star. The very fact that the editor printed her letter in the Star shows me that they are not a biased or a one-sided “fake news” newspaper as she claims. Miss Blevins is simply wrong in her verbal attack on the editor, and I personally believe that she owes the editor an apology.

I think that Miss Blevins may be a little confused, and that she’s blaming the editor and the other staff writers of the newspaper for the negative Trump letters that are being submitted to the newspaper by angry Trump haters from the Morongo Basin.

Sometimes it does seem that there are more anti-Trump letters in the Star than there are positive letters for President Trump, but that isn’t the fault of the editor or staff writers of the Hi-Desert Star. (As the saying goes, “Don’t shoot the messenger.)

The real fault and blame of what appears to be an imbalance really lies with the Trump supporters in our Basin who are not taking the time to write the editor and show their support for Donald Trump. If more positive letters for Trump were written, you’d see more balance in the “letters to the editor” section of the newspaper.

In closing, I would like to personally commend the editor and other writers of the Hi-Desert Star for their fair and unbiased way of reporting.

And lastly, I strongly agree with the heading that was used over Miss Blevins’ letter that stated, “Americans should wake up and support Trump before it’s too late.”

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There are multiple Trump letters a week, for and against. I don't know how you all can stand to talk about him or anyone else this much. The last thing we need is more letters.


I support the Office of the President of the United States of America. Regretfully I have found not ONE reason to support the current holder of the office.

I feel very sorry for future generations (here in the USA and globally) that will inherit the ecological MESS he has left behind. Fiscal problems can be corrected in a short time, environmental destruction is a perhaps never correctable event.

It might be his "legacy" for good or ill, but future generations are the ones at risk, not us old-timers with a couple decades or so left to live.

May the Destroyer in Chief get his just rewards, the sooner the better.


Trump is the greatest danger to the Republic and in fact, the WORLD since Hitler. We're all going to stumble into a nuclear holocaust because of this bumbling, self-righteous zealot whose ego destroys any possibility of real understanding between nations. Patriotic Americans will always stand against this kind of blatant disregard for decency and justice. Trump will be remembered by history as a someone surrounded by porno stars, certified child molesters, bunnies on the make, and billionaire Saudi slave owners. Not to mention murderous oligarchs like ex- KGB boss Vladimir Putin. He'll be immortalized through images of babies sleeping on concrete floors in cages and jack booted troops hauling "illegal" grandfathers from their beds at dawn even though he's lived and worked here for 30 years. These are the horrible legacies Trump will leave for posterity. He will never be compared to Lincoln or FDR no matter how much he claims his own greatness. He makes Nixon look like an honest guy. We have a right and duty to rant and rave about this maniac and what kind of future he has in store for all of us.

Branson Hunter

Booboo, satire is a dedicated area. You could satire on how the president's orange hair takes flight soaring on the zephyr winds. Here's a tough one... satire the billionaire as a role model for the youth of America. Satire trump's reign of fear rounding up children and teens without due process, and how those children and teens ended up in chainlink cages without bedding, with unfit food, no sanitation and zero Constitutional rights. Here's a good one: like George Washington and the Cherry Tree Myth, satire how the president cannot tell a lie but fumble-around buttering-up his untruths. Good luck Booboo.

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