I am writing to alert readers to a billboard that lurks by Twentynine Palms Highway here in California’s 8th Congressional District. This billboard basically amounts to hate speech from a candidate for U.S. Congress who is running against the Republican incumbent, Paul Cook. Challenger Tim Donnelly is a founder of the Minutemen at the California-Mexico border. He is also clearly a bigot. We don’t need any more of those in Washington.

The text on the billboard is as follows: “Ask Paul Cook why he voted to allow our military funds to be used for sex change surgeries!” The accompanying photo is of a sailor with long hair whose gender is indeterminate. Their facial expression is one of slight shame or embarrassment. Not pride, anyway.

The billboard promotes hate against transgender people, and transgender U.S. military service members in particular. 

Things are not at all harmonious out here in the Mojave Desert communities. Joshua Tree is quaint and all, but Twentynine Palms is another story. Despite its diversity at first glance, it is truly Trumpland, where fringe hate groups fester and anger at the establishment seethes, all of it barely under wraps while citizens go about their daily lives, some of them in not-so-quiet desperation.

But this billboard is like a sore that has burst open. Anyone who cares about humanity will have to make a stark choice between two “Republicans” come November. Vote for the ultra-conservative incumbent Paul Cook or send the neo-fascist nativist Tim Donnelly to our nation’s capital.

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How about it shows that you can have what the government has labeled as a mental health disorder and tax payer money will pay for you to become the “SEX” or “Gender” you wanna be! Also maybe some of you should watch the movie Soldier’s Girl!


Well at least your letter about hate speech is loving and not too hateful. That's sarcasm by the way!


Donnelly=Piker...... Check out the article in Desert Sun about this creep.


Off topic, but who at the HDS thought it was smart to run L. Hilary Slotta's glamour mug and quote on the opinion page, touting Measure "O"? Folks, she's running for re-election to the school board. Maybe it would of been prudent to identify her as a school board member. The image of Slotta in the HDS is the same one used on her campaign poster. That means she wasn't interviewed " on the street", but rather marched into the office with her missive. Very sloppy journalism, kind of like keeping
C Mayes and his dalliance out of the local press. Nice work guys.....


It doesn't matter which one you vote for. They will both vote in lockstep with Trump's agenda. I'll be skipping his race when I vote.


Vote in Donnelly. DC has tough gun laws, with any luck he'd get caught playing with his .45 cal., like he did at the Ontario Airport several years ago. What a maroon.

Comment deleted.

News flash, marines and sailors don't get paid for what they feel. Trump love is alive and well in 29 Stumps. Just take a ride out to the big curve on Amboy Rd., and check out the bunker, with all the signage painted in garish red paint. So 29-1911, it appears your gun of choice is a Colt .45. Nice.

Mark Simmons

Both candidates are Trump’s puppets. I’ll be witting in Bruce Wayne aka “Batman” in this race. 😂


The only logical solution. If it's got an (R) in front of it and you vote for it ... you reap what you sew, hate and discrimination.


[angry] (R) = hate and discrimination, against women, blacks, LBGTs, disabled, latinos, children. Why would anyone vote for either of them?


I personally will not vote for either of these Trump puppets. I am sick and tired of Trump supporters casting negative comments on anyone who is not white, straight and carrying a concealed weapon permit. ALL individuals have a right to be who they are without being ridiculed and berated. I don't care if a person is gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender...as long as they contribute to our society and are decent individuals. Let's stop the condemnation of those who are not just like us...the world would be a very boring place if we were all the same! (and by the way I DO support the 2nd amendment and own guns)


Donnelly may be just a planted troll whose campaign is deliberately designed to make Cook's right-wing Trumpism look liberal in comparison. It's a slick deal. They both basically believe in the same discredited philosophies. Cook's billboards have featured "build a wall" rhetoric and anti-immigrant slogans disguised as All American patriotism. Donnelly is just Cook without the military reputation that keeps Cook politically afloat. Republicans know that women and the young are going to vote against them big time this year, and are using every dirty trick in the book to gain an edge. Check out the voter suppression in the Georgia Governor's race. 50,000 registered voters forgot to dot their "i's" and are being prevented from exercising their right to vote. Almost 80% happen to be Black. The GOP candidate holding up the voters is also in charge of the election! Cozy, huh? I think Donnelly is just a foil and part of the GOP crazy team.


To equivocate a billboard questioning the use of military funds to perform sex change surgeries as "hate speech" is as about absurd as it can get. If it offends someone that an opinion such as our military funds should not be utilized to pay for gender reassignment then so be it. Next thing on the leftist agenda will be utilizing socialized medicine to pay for tummy tucks and facelifts and to disagree would be "hateful". It is so ridiculous that commenters believe a Trump/Pence sign "painted in garish red paint" equivocates a "bunker" and that "(R) = hate and discrimination, against women, blacks, LBGTs, disabled, Latinos, and children". Even one commenter even stated "I am sick and tired of Trump supporters casting negative comments on anyone who is not white, straight and carrying a concealed weapon permit" which pretty much sums up the liberal lefts talking points such as the "build a wall rhetoric and anti-immigrant slogans" that confuses legal immigration with illegal immigration and infers illegal immigration as "American patriotism". Lisa Powell's statement that "fringe hate groups fester and anger at the establishment seethes" is an excellent portrayal of the bigotry and hate being perpetrated by the liberals towards those who have different opinions. I guess Lisa and others can believe that billboard "amounts to hate speech" in her "opinion" but I am glad that I do not live in his/her (as applicable) narrow minded world!


Come on Joe, at night the place is lit up like Stalag 17. How about we call it a compound, surrounded by wire , complete with spotlights. The guy is the perfect paranoid welcoming committee for our desert visitors.


I will be voting for Paul Cook. I've heard from multiple people that Donnelly is a criminal. Check out dirtydonnelly.com


As much as I dislike what Paul Cook has done or not done in past, I dislike his opponent far more. It pains me to cast my vote for Paul Cook, however the thought of his challenger obtaining office is far worse. Evidently democracy is dying in California and San Bernardino County, when only one party/ideology is represented and when fees and taxes are enacted without any taxpayer input (fire protection zone 5 fee). From fiscally bankrupt to morally bankrupt in one fells swoop.


Hate speech? Donnelly's not the only one. Mitch McConnell this week finally let the cat out of the bag. The GOP is ready to decimate Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid for millions of the elderly and disabled and poor. No big surprise here. These warmongering maniacs have to pay for the 720 BILLION they just gave to the Pentagon for even more WMD's to destroy the world. Hear those bombs? That's a million bucks blowing up out there on the mesa on a regular basis. For what? Who needs to "test" a conventional bomb in 2018? Trump cares for the disabled, children and the old about as much as he cares for rape victims. Like zero. So go ahead and vote Republican- you'll just be condemning yourself to an old age with little cash and token medical aid. Trump's the self described "King of Debt" alright. The rich wallow in tax breaks while the majority bite their nails wondering what insane nonsense these nuts will lay on us next.

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