Someone writes on Sept. 12 that more people should write letters of support for the Liar-in-Chief. Well here’s my letter….

Don has now been accused by a woman who says that when she was 13 years old, Don, the current president of these United States, forced her to have sex with him and then threatened her family if she told. This is a fact, not “fake” news.

He invited the damn Taliban to Camp David and fired his National Security Advisor when he objected. The Mueller Report claims that Don had help from our enemy Russia in winning the election. He said that Mexico would pay for the wall that folks can climb over, cut through and dig under and now he wants to take money from our military to do it. His tax cut helped the very wealthy, his GOP buddies and their donors, his family but not regular folks. His MAGA is all about himself fixing these perceived (by him alone) problems. He blames Obama for Putin capturing Crimea instead of Putin.

He blames George W. for 9/11, suggesting that he would have prevented it. Hah. He can’t keep a staff, much less take on the Afghanistan War, China and Korea, who keeps firing off missiles.

Don’s in way over his head and his false bravado scares no one. He has children and babies held in cages. (So Christian.) He’s using the Justice Department to go after those who oppose him, not for the good of the country but to punish and instill fear in others.

He has a dark heart and I say if you support him then he’s touched your very own darkness. Putin has got his number and you should be looking at that relationship instead of demonizing your fellow Americans who call themselves progressives. Cuz we are.

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And as an update to wanna-be unbalanced pillock-in-chief tRump directives: The EPA is now tasked with going after San Francisco for ocean pollution from needles and trash allegedly entering the waterways via street catchments. Evidently some minor refuse is far more harmful than coal mines, coal power plants, methane from drilling, and strip logging off old growth pristine forests, et el. Energy efficient light bulbs make him turn orange, and fuel efficient vehicles are verboten.

Pretty sad when Ethiopia is building state-of-the-art trash to energy facilities, yet this country is going backwards. At present rate the USA should be a third world manure hole country in no time at all under donald dunces direction.


About time someone did something to clean up the filth and vermin in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Plastic straws are banned while the local government encourages free hypodermic needles for drug addicts.

Third world countries would never do something that stupid.

May God bless President Donald J. Trump!

Branson Hunter

This man in question is in a lot of trouble in the afterlife. It's absurd to think God encourages evil behavior.


Trump has no plan to address homeless, his verbal shiv directed at SF and LA was meant for the daily news cycle. The Trump administration 2020 federal budget proposed cutting domestic spending by nine percent, with housing aid taking a double digit hit. Maybe a visit to will shed on some light on the homelessness problem.

Branson Hunter

Plastic straws? How did that get into the conversation, passed off as t amusement or laughter. The degradation of the planet and threat to all species is no joke. The Earth will be just fine, but it's your future generation(s) that will suffer.

Plastic straws do not biodegrade. They do not decay naturally...a key factor affecting the environmental impact of plastic straws on marine life and oceans. Plastics stay in landfills for hundreds of years. Plastic in the ocean floats around as small pieces (microplastics) that poison animals and hurt the environment. “The best way to keep plastic straws out of landfills, the oceans and out from becoming airborne is not to use them". BTW, straw people, drinking sugary or acidic beverages through a straw can increase the likelihood of cavities. Straws send a concentrated stream of liquid toward a small area of the teeth, which can erode enamel and cause tooth decay. Plastic straws are little, but they are part of a huge problem.


So what your saying is , he is the quintessential American president.

Sounds like you have described every president after JFK.

Just the names of the crimes and circumstances have been changed that have been occurring for years.

Branson Hunter

Former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau on the whistleblower scandal @jonfavs wrote:

"Trump is seeking foreign assistance to win another election but House Democrats are reluctant to impeach him because they’re afraid it will help him win another election."


My, my. Aren't we having a wonderful discussion.

Someone mentions the EPA being tasked with the needles and trash problem in San Francisco and how third world countries are miles ahead of environmental concerns compared to our nation.

I responded about the filth, vermin, and environmental concerns running rampant in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

I responded by contrasting banned plastic straws with dirty hypodermic needles being socially accepted and distributed at no cost for drug addicts.

I responded by thanking God that someone has the audacity to bring attention and concerns towards this hypocrisy.

Someone then responds by stating that the person in question will have trouble in the afterlife and insinuates that it is absurd to think God encourages evil behavior.

That same someone then states plastic straws were injected into the conversation simply as amusement and laughter.

Then the same someone injects a sermon regarding the use and pitfalls of using plastic straws mentioning both health and environmental concerns while completely ignoring the health and environmental concerns of contaminated hypodermic needles and excrement being left in public parks and streets that runs rampant in cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Someone else responded by insinuating that I regard our President as quintessential .

Let me check and review exactly what I said just to be sure.

I stated "May God bless President Donald J. Trump!" which was used in context with my specific comment and concern of cleaning up the filth and vermin running rampant in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Hardly quintessential I would say.

I quite understand why it is so much easier to demonize and equivocate with political rhetoric rather than using rationale in response to letters and the following discussions.

But simply put I still say the acceptance of allowing the filth and vermin to exist in any community should be wrong regardless of any political philosophy.

I guess now would be a good time to change the subject again.

Branson Hunter

That was a long comment. Hope you feel a little better since it helps to write things out. What we don't see here are solutions to the homeless and problems caused thereby. What are we doing about homelessness, climate change, and our infrastructure? Nothing, nothing, nothing. Let me ask each one of you who read this what are you doing? It starts with the individual, that is you

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