We need someone like Donald Trump

Tamara Blevins’ excellent Guest Soapbox (“Americans should wake up and support Trump before it’s too late”) said what I’ve been thinking for several years now! I, however, never cared much for businessman Trump when he started out in politics until I listened to every speech by Hillary, Sanders and the rest since 2014 and found it was only Donald Trump who said what I’d been thinking all along! And when I saw earlier speeches of his when he was friends with JFK’s son, it had not changed! He’s just a smart, intelligent patriot.

Yes, my Donny may be a smug, pompous asshat, but sometimes but we need that especially now when every clown on the DNC stage wants to eliminate borders and allow this invasion into our country while cutting out God’s name mentioned and cutting our Constitution outlawing guns (which precedes every nation before its oppressive dictatorship — ask them in Nazi-occupied Europe!).

… I did NOT march in the streets of Chicago for the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) for women’s equality just to have an ill-informed party of sheep delete it all.

I could not tell you that I totally agreed with your letter, Tamara Blevins, since the operator said you were unlisted. But I agree with you! I woke up in ’14 and hope the rest out there wake up, too!

EDITOR’S NOTE — This letter was edited to remove racial and religious slurs, per the editorial policy.

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YES!!! keep america running Great!!! TRUMP 2020


Ah yes, we have to stop the godless, communist Democrats from taking your guns without due process. Oh wait, that was Trump that said to do that: Trump: 'Take the guns first, go through due process second' https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/376097-trump-take-the-guns-first-go-through-due-process-second

Branson Hunter

Over 12 thousand lies and counting while Barbara looks the other way. Trashing races and ethnicity while encouraging hate divisions and that's okay with Barbara. Trashing the judicial system and Latino judges, that's okay with Barbara. Debt is out of the ballpark and that's okay too. I am not attacking Barbara because I always enjoy reading her point of view. In the end, many followers of the leader may regret their choice. We have a leader who supports most all communist and dictator, but hates separation of powers, our courts, our intelligence community, the infraSTRUCTURE of our democracy and government. His platform is hate and loathing. I am not on board Barbara. Democrats are not the boogeyman. They are your neighbors.


Trump is a pathological liar! With multiple failed businesses and marriages he’s simply not fit to run this country. Trump still thinks the tariffs aren’t hurting the Americans, he ran multiple business into bankruptcy yet trying to blame the stock market 800 point plunge yesterday on the feds when it was all because of his doings. Donald J Trump always blaming negative publicity off on others as usual, he simply can’t accept being wrong. Donald Trump can’t carry on an intelligent conversation above a third grade level just listen to his wording and repeating the same thing over and over when he does a press briefing. The guy is simply unliked by world leaders including Putin Kim jong Un they only smile at photo ops because they know they have this puppet by the strings. We can’t hold the poorly educated Trump supporters that he loves to preys on responsible because the majority are in the lower income bracket, collect monthly entitlements of some sort and would choose the Jerry Springer Show or the Donald Trump Show to get their daily information. Just YouTube “the things Trump supporters say” and I’m sure you’ll agree with what I’m saying.


Yeah. We need someone like Donald Trump to bring back THE THIRD REICH.


Luddite Dufuss J tRump for President. What could possibly go wrong? Thankfully I prepared for the worst when he was elected. I should be able to ride out the worst of it. I feel sorry for the children that inherit this mess.


We really NEED Donald Trump to follow in his buddy Jeffy Epstein's footsteps. Anyone who authorizes kidnapping and falsely imprisoning children should hang!!!


I would to see him impeached, tried by a jury, and convicted or the assorted provable crimes he has committed. Impose a sentence worse than death: hard labor - just like his facist and communistic "good buddies" would do to the average peasant under their control.

Meanwhile... U.S. citizens and corporations continue to purchase Communistic goods in the name of cheap Communistic Chinese labor. Tariffs don't work, consumer boycotts do.


"I would like".sheesh!

New technology, same old typographical errors.




Some good ideas, some not so good. Ex: defunding Planned Parenthood. I agree, abortion is gross. But most PP clients are low income. Result: 20 years from now lots of welfare babies will have lots more. Not what Potus wants.


Glad to know the "Chosen One" has led Barbara to the promised land.

Branson Hunter

It's unsuited to simply refer to the 45th as the "Chosen One". Our "Stable Genius" is the second coming of Cyrus the Great. Many followers say Donnie he was sent by God. He is the smartest president ever. His godly purpose must surely be to maximize human freedom and minimize human suffering. Cyrus was the founder of the Achaemenid Empire, the first Persian Empire; Iranians are the descendants. Our Stable Genius doesn't much care for Iran or those people. He'll will sort it our the next term. We are in good hands with this Genius. Could someone remind the 45th and agog senators that America's INFRASTRUCTURE is failing. Can the Chosen One do a hot tub summit with Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Putin, and China's Xi Jinping. They may have some good suggestions for the Genius. While China has approved the removal of the two-term limit on the presidency, effectively allowing Xi Jinping to remain in power for life, why can't President Donald J. Trump to do away with elections so we can get back to business of letting America go to the dogs and communists.


I guess the coloring books and safe spaces are not working anymore!

Branson Hunter

Yes Barbara,

We need this president. And he has incredible resort ilities to host the next G7: The Trump National Doral Golf Resort. I don't fault Donnie for pitching (okay it was a commercial) his resort for material gain during the G7. Being crass is not a crime. More happy news today: The Leader suggested nuking hurricanes before they reach our shores; and he said that ISis fighters should be dropped off in Germany and France. Amendment XXV says that if the President becomes unable to do their job, the Vice President becomes the President. The "stable genius" is doing his job. He is very intuitive. He may not know from one day to the next what he is doing or saying, or can't remember, but don't fault him. He's dismantling the government and we have another another trillion of his budget debt. Who else can do that?


Tomorrow's news today: President tRump has asked the Queen to dissolve Congress. He has also sent nuclear weapons to the U.S. Territory of Puerto Rico to nuke those folks prior to the hurricanes arrival under a new FEMA program "Bombs Build Walls". The monies saved will be applied to the purchase of Greenland.


A delusion is a false belief that is based on an incorrect interpretation of reality.

Delusions sometimes create anxiety disorders, panic disorders, and serious problems with acute depression.

These comments are certainly hilarious but yet still delusional.

Branson Hunter

Cookie, you just nailed down another one of this president's mental issues. Thank you.


You are welcome Branson.

I thank you for not expressing any form of hate and loathing.

I thank you for not making any crass and divisive statements.

I thank you for not engaging in any form of delusion.

Perhaps we both can agree that only a hypocrite would ever resort to engage in the very same things they despise.

Perhaps we both can agree that a person who truly believes in the concept of love, peace,and tolerance would never indulge themselves in such behaviours!

Branson Hunter

Right, Cookie, let be civil.


I refuse to support a president who believes George Washington is an American Hero for securing all of the Airports in 1776 !!

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