I said goodbye to a wonderful neighbor this week. 

In the last 12 months I have said goodbye to two friends, two coworkers, my doctor, and neighbor, all of them moving out of state. As a fourth-generation Californian, I know this state use to be the best, a place where anyone could come and live a middle class life. 

Sadly that day is over and our leaders in Sacramento have done nothing to address the challenges we face. 

We lead the country in poverty, 18.2 percent of our population. 

We lead the nation in homelessness, 200,000 at last count, primarily due to de facto legalization of drug use. Use cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, and your only consequence will be a ticket, which they will never appear in court to deal with. Those encampments are so dirty that third-world diseases have made a return. 

Property crimes and violent crimes are increasing after many years of decline. 

We have the highest gasoline cost in the nation, yet with the highest gas tax in the nation, our roads are falling apart. 

We pay some of the highest utility costs in the nation, and even though they are highly regulated by the state, the transmission lines are so outdated that we have a decade of power shut offs in windy weather to look forward to. 

Housing costs are so high, driving the middle class out of the state at unprecedented levels. 

In a state with the highest housing cost, it costs between $50-100,000 in fees, permits, and mandates before a single board is bought. 

In 2018, 1,600 companies left California for other states. I am afraid that the Golden State has actually turned to tin, and that we have reached the tipping point to a dismal future.

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Don't let the door hit you on the way out Joel.


Must be a left demorats.


I won't , I am taking my retirement in 4 years, already purchased a home in another state. That state has no state income tax!

Branson Hunter

I can sympathize with Joe. I hope he's making the right choice and has a great retirement in his new state. I objected to increased State, County and local taxes. They wants a bigger piece of the cheese. They don't want to live within their means. Meantime, the people out here are feeling a lot of financial pain and suffering. Now comes Morongo Unified School District for another property tax when we're already paying on the last school tax. And what's up with four superintendents (3 assistant superintendent and one superintendent?


It would be very hard for anyone to disagree with your facts Joel. Many of us are working on the big exodus.


I feel your pain Joel. This state is not the same state I was born in and spent most of my life living in and raising my family. Now that I am retired and spend much time traveling around the U.S., I have traveled to so many nice places in other states and have met so many friendly people who are very happy where they live. California has a few things going for it, the weather, the ocean, the mountains and the deserts all within driving distance. However California is also a place that is laughed about. It has become a symbol of what not to let happen to the other states. I know some who have left and bought in other states. Buying there was not just a matter of making a financial transaction. In some cases the seller had to be convinced that you were not going to try to turn their state into California! You can't blame them. We will be leaving in a few more years. [sad] More people have moved out of California for the last 7 years than have moved in.


Nirvana is a state of mind. No matter what any of us think about where we live, the truth is it is a heck of a lot better than living in places plagued with poverty, starvation, and lack of clean water. I love California.

Patti Leary

When I was born here in 1949 there were fewer than 15 Million people in the state. Too many so of course I didn't have kids to compound the situation. Now there are over 40 Million. Anybody who self-selects to move out - THANK YOU! And don't forget - SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR KIDS!

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