Thank you to all who gave to the Grubstake Days Rodeo!

I would like to give a special thanks to Cindy Melland for letting the Grubstake Days Rodeo use her property and for all her support through the past four years. What a wonderful person she is!

I would also like to thank all of the sponsors for supporting the event this year; to the many businesses as well as just people who wanted to help, thank you so much!

A special thank you needs to be extended to my husband, Ken Buchanan, for always supporting my wild ideas. He works hard giving a lot of his own personal equipment so we can have a spectacular rodeo here in Yucca Valley.

It takes many people, volunteers, countless hours, donations, sponsors and equipment in order to bring  this rodeo to town. Thank you!

Thanks to the town of Yucca Valley.

Thanks to the businesses:

Hawk’s Landing Golf Club, BTI Rock and Sand, Hi-Desert Publishing Co., Burrtec, Yucca Valley Chamber of Commerce, Colton Truck Garage Terminal, Yucca Rentals, Inspire Real Estate, Woods Auto Repair, White Water Rock, Tire Pros of Yucca Valley, Yucca Valley Rotary Club, Hi-Desert Air, C&J Feed, Sukut Construction, Z107-7, State Farm Insurance, Hi-Desert Propane, U.S. Bank, Rarick Financial, Yucca Valley 76/Subway, Grubstake Days Carnival Committee, Home Smart Professionals (Damian Costello), Crown Contracting, Yucca Valley Chrysler/Dodge, Home Depot, The Loan Lady, A Stylish Affair Hair Salon, Lombardo/Cho Dentistry, Desert Green Landscape, Coldwell Banker/Roadrunner Realty (Jeff Poland), Carl Otteson Backflow, Spirit Crafts, Hanger 24 Brewery, Glenn Strickland’s Painting, Copper Mountain College, Sue’s Health Foods, Wright Painting, Vagabond Welding, Pioneertown Motel, Yucca Valley Realty, Action Pumping, Little Italy, First Nations, Fatty’s Fence, The Glen Realty, Yucca Auto Body, Hills Towing, Builders Supply (Palm Springs), Ron’s Automotive, Fred’s Tire, Cynthia Kraemer, Brudvik, Sand to Snow Monument Bar & Grill, Western Café No. 2, Travelodge, Walmart, Diamond Auto, Ultimate Motors, Vons, Tony Sullivan Painting, Cactus Mart, Lucky 777 Cab and Big 5 Sporting Goods.

Thanks to individuals:

County Supervisor Dawn Rowe, Debbie Ribera, Shawwna Layman, Chris and Jennifer Salciccoli, Kathy Wassener, Dawn Rowe, Danny Ferro, Dianna and Ed Doltar, Kenny and Sue Rasmussen, Bobbi Cooper, Sandy and Jack Dugan, Heidi Burgett, Wanda Stadum, Mark and Linda Kedrick, Shaun Thomas, Marsha Cole, Jeff Betts, Patty Glover, Arturo Reyes, Courtney Freeman, James Wagner, Michael and Barbara Alford, Kyle Marney, Mary Ryan, Jo Walsh, Tracy Freeman, Debbie Crone, Paul and Cathy Campbell, Dr. Mirona Petrus, Dr. David Cox, Dr. Elizabeth Schilling, Sara Hudson and Syndy Prince.

Thanks to all of our volunteers!

Ken Buchanan, Diana Doltar, Ed Doltar, Cathy Campbell, Paul Campbell, Bryan Heveron, Courtney Freeman, Tammy Freeman, Sue Le fever, Jack Dugan, Karen Lowe, Teresa Harvey, Alison Gaunder, Jeannie May, Kristina Quigley, Darrel Moon, the Pippenger family and Rob Billings.

I hope you all enjoyed the rodeo this year!

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Eric Mills

Nothing to be proud of here, folks. SHAME would be more appropriate. Be aware that nearly EVERY animal welfare organization in the country opposes rodeos due to their inherent cruelty. The United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales) outlawed rodeos back in 1934. Most of rodeo is bogus from the git-go, having little or nothing to do with life on a working ranch--it's all hype. REAL cowboys/girls never routinely rode bulls, or wrestled steers, or rode bareback, or practiced calf roping as a a timed event. Nor did they put flank straps on the bucking bulls and horses. For most of these abused and exploited animals, the rodeo arena is merely a detour en route to the slaughterhouse. The great majority of the estimated 5,000 annual U.S. rodeos don't event require on-site veterinary care for the animals, and injuries and deaths are commonplace. Some "sport"! Indeed, rodeo is not a "sport" at all--that word denotes willing, evenly-matched participants. Rodeo does not qualify. It's a macho exercise in DOMINATION, and should be outlawed nationwide. Until that happy day, BOYCOTT ALL RODEOS AND THEIR CORPORATE SPONSORS AND ADVERTISERS. Follow the money.


What is the matter with these people who attend the rodeo? I'm serious. Is life out in the middle of the desert so devoid of meaningful content that the rodeo is viewed as big time entertainment? Are they unable to recognize the animal abuse taking place before their eyes? Do they have no compassion whatsoever for animals? Grotesque stupidity? My guess is it's some combination of all of the above. Doesn't say much for the caliber of the rodeo goers.

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