In January of this year, Donald Trump formed his coronavirus task force and banned travel from China, the virus’ country of origin. It only took one American death for Trump to call the Chinese virus a pandemic.

I suppose Trump could have been like Obama during the H1N1 outbreak and waited until 1,700 people were dead, but Trump wants to be a GOOD president. So far, objectively, he has been. Even Democrat leaders like our very own Gavin Newsom is praising Trump’s response to COVID-19.

Watching any of the daily press briefings, we see Trump praising his task force and those on the front lines, saying it’s not about him. One “journalist” lied about Trump only praising himself and was caught out on live TV.

Trump touted medical chloroquine as an effective treatment and hoping things get better by Easter, and the media mocked him, saying he’s “peddling unsubstantiated hope,” and even blaming him for someone drinking fishbowl cleaner. 

Governor Cuomo touts chloroquine and the media calls him “presidential” and says he’s “offering much-needed” hope. Unsurprising, really, considering 90-plus-percent of the media is left-leaning.

If you think that’s bad, wait until you hear what the Democrats have done.

Instead of getting the stimulus bill passed immediately, they played politics and tried to sneak in irrelevant new parts like changing voting laws so non-citizens could vote, and prioritizing special interest groups instead of American citizens. That doesn’t help anyone right now.

There are even Democrat leaders that are refusing to distribute much needed supplies, much like they did after, if memory serves me, Puerto Rico was rocked by natural disasters a couple of years back, food and medicine found rotting in storage containers.

In conclusion, Democrat elites are enemies of the people. Plain and simple.

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Your cup is empty. Would you like some more Koop-aid?


No thanks. I'm subsisting entirely on Liberal Tears. They're literally giving them away for free.


"In conclusion, Democrat elites are enemies of the people. Plain and simple."

I am now 66 years old. I have seen some things over the years. As i grew up and eventually into voting age I changed my affiliation to the parties based upon what I saw they were in my opinion doing for the greater good of society and not party philosophy.

I started this thread with the ending of the other. What a shame that we have devolved to this pettiness.

I saw what Nixon and Reagan did and did not do. I saw what Clinton did and did not do and the same applies to all that followed.

But to call a group of Americans that see different visions of what they think America might or could be "enemies of the people" is so reminiscent of 1939 Nazi Germany.

Please stop with the pettiness and this unyielding party talk of of us versus them "Liberals" it is not American in the least and also undemocratic and very dangerous.


I call it as I see it. What else do you call people who block relief efforts to Americans and instead play politics? What do you you call people who willingly lie about everything and promote fake outrage over calling it the Chinese Virus when they themselves called it the exact same thing before Trump did?

At the same time Trump was getting the task force together, Pelosi was handing out impeachment pens.

So yes, the Democrat elites, the politicians and the media, are the enemies of the people. They cannot be allowed back in power.

Branson Hunter

Is Michael is at the level where friends, neighbors, people around him, good people, have become the enemy. When I was a little boy hate like this started in Europe. How bleaching sad. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

bill jenkins

Mr. Young can post all the nonsensical, derogatory misinformation he wants but it won't change the outcome of the California election. you know the one we vote in. Ca. will vote, by a generous margin for the Dem. to my surprise probably, Joe Biden.


If any of you can disprove these facts, by all means...


Branson also said “…Trump and his pathetic sycophants who worship the ground he walks on.”

So, who’s hateful mind is wasting?


Another FAUX-NEWS addict babbles incoherently as the drug destroys all mental reasoning- leaving the drooling victim a quivering mass of delusional irrational apricot jam.


You’ve got em circling the wagons now. Good Job, Mike!



What Bearbi said – “If any of you can disprove these facts, by all means...”

Branson Hunter

Bearbi and Mike -- who put the challenge out there to dispute the facts [of the letter] -- apparently don't understand that all of that was opinion and summary. Mr. Young letter was disturbing, Trump has taught him how to hate his fellow residents and his fellow Americans. Mussolini was a also a cunning fellow and was skillful at making people believe just the opposite of facts. Mussolini and his European buddy -- the infamous leader with the little beard below his nostrils -- lead their nation down the road of misery and destruction. These two narcissistic, despot, authoritarians usurp the mind of basically good people and replace it with hate and nationalism. History has taught us that following narcissistic/authoritarian leaders who are also chronic and pathological liars is pure evil.


“If any of you can disprove these facts, by all means...” That is an invitation Branson but if you think it a challenge, by all means dodge it.

Branson Hunter

Noam Chomsky got it right, "The country is run by a sociopath."


Michael Young's letter was based on reality. The conclusion was based upon an opinion. To classify Mr Young's statements as "opinion" is simply liberal entertainment. No one can deny that the Democrats attempted to fill the Corona Virus relief bill with liberal special interest goodies such as increasing airline emission standards, easing federal voting regulations, post office bailouts, and immigration reforms that had absolutely nothing to do with the virus. No one can deny that the president imposed a travel ban with China six weeks before the WHO declared the Corona Virus a pandemic. No one can deny this happened while congressional Democrats where trying to oust the president from office with a bogus impeachment trial. No one can deny that the media ran stories criticizing the President's travel ban with accusations of racism and xenophobia. No one can deny that the language used by the President's critics were filled with false accusations of racism and xenophobia. To classify Mr. Young's letter as "disturbing" and loaded with "opinion" is pure "liberal propaganda" which teaches the gullible to "hate". History has taught us that Adolph Hitler used this same "making people believe just the opposite of facts" technique which is so reminiscent of 1939 Nazi Germany and of Noam Chomsky's ideological views . By the way facial hair located under the nostrils and ending at the upper lip is normally described as a "moustache" and not a "beard" if that descriptive term is important in this discussion.


“Anybody that wants a test can get a test. That’s what the bottom line is,”

is that enough facts for you! Those of you that care less about this country than you do your political philosophy.

Again - how petty some, a very few, have become.


Don’t politicize!

Put it in context, spearman. The quote “Anybody that wants a test can get a test…” was in reference to the availability of said tests to the medical community, i.e. Doctors, Nurse Practitioners etc. Not you and me.

Our big orange President made that and several related remarks, during a press conference with the Center for Disease Control.

No one was talking about tests being made indiscriminately available to the general public. See for yourself.

The statement is about 29 minutes into the forty eight min. video.

I would complain that your misleading quote is the type of spin more and more of us are growing weary of.

I find Michael Young’s frustration is absolutely justified, his pointed conclusion notwithstanding.


Political philosophy aside, does that mean we should support other reprobates???????

Some of us actually do care for our country and political philosophy deeply matters..........

How unhinged can anyone get...........

And how petty........

Keep America Great!!!!!!!!!!!


So i guess my start of the above post is not a plain lie by the president?

If a political philosophy is based in belief of lies so be it. Mine is not.

bill jenkins

in as few words as possible let me respond to the first two pps.a task force is a good idea if it causes meaningful things to happen. closing the border after the virus is here is not meaningful. the virus was here in dec. we now have 550,000 cases of c19 infections. so much for the travel ban. trump does not have the authority to declare a pandemic, an emergency yes, so use the right terms, this is serious stuff. the first meaningful action was taken in mid march, when a substantial p.o. for medical goods was placed with 3m. next the h1n1 bovine droppings. go to "h1n1 timeline" click on flawed comparison and read a well researched and sourced article. as for the newsom praise: i hardly think he could really speak his mind, given the circumstances. his praise im sure was mostly obsequious. the real enemy is the aforementioned manure. i think that's enough for now.


We survived greater lies........

You can keep your health plan...........

You can keep your doctor..........

You can save money on healthcare cost.......

Any of these ring bells????????

I have many more if you need a refresher course........

Have there ever been anyone in the white house that never lied.........

Have you ever voted for any of them..............

Ever watch primary debates??????????

Ever watch the news??????????


Watch the freaking video and you will see that you are wrong. Mr. Spear.


I did keep my health plan.

I did keep my doctor - really doctors.

I did save money both my wife and I.

The bell rings but not the way you think it should have.

The failed logic of saying it is okay to lie because others lied is really pathetic. Ever hear of those lemmings?

I have voted for the following:

Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, Obama, and Trump. Any pattern there?

I do watch the debates and i watch real news not the opinion makers such as Hannity, Limbaugh, Maddow, etc.

Mr. Wallace and Mr. Todd are good places to start.


Well, this is a really disturbing exchange of anger. Even those with whom I disagree are not my enemies. Exchange of ideas without ever considering the value of different ideas will leave us without new discovery and making us even more tribal and worse off for that inflexibility.


Again - I will not devolve into a partisan debate.

The man is a liar and I can not and will not support such a well documented liar.

Those of you that believe he is telling the truth then live with what you get. i do not have to. Well - I have yo live with it until November and then we will see what happens.

T Twelvetrees

I think of folks like G. Gordon Liddy, Eugene Hasenfus, Ross Perot, Daniel Ortega, Abu Nidal, Adnan Khashoggi, Bebe Rebozo, Saddam Hussein, Daniel Inouye when I read through all of these comments.. Michael Cohen comes to mind if you turn on Trump. So does Kim Jong Un...Burning the North Koreans publicly may have been a wrong move on Trump's part. Jong Un does not seem like a game player...This pandemic has changed all of our lifelong rules and way of living and I am sure it will change all of us here in the Morongo Basin for years to come...November elections are a complete unknown now. I still believe the election will end up before the Supreme Court to decide...


T12T, Just wondering if you meant Jim Inhofe, not Daniel Inouye?

T Twelvetrees

BBB...I meant Daniel Inouye...

Long serving senator from Hawaii...Awarded the Medal of Honor during WWII... Lost an arm in combat...Received a battlefield commission to first lieutenant...Served as the Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee at one point....


Got it. I'm familiar with Sen. Inouye's service to our country. I guess Bebe Rebozo and Eugene Hasenfus threw me off.

T Twelvetrees

BBB...It was an off the top of my head grouping of people in my comment,

Rebozo simply because Nixon was reported to have been swimming in Rebozo's swimming pool when he was told of the Watergate Hotel break in.

Hasenfus for getting shot down and captured while flying weapons to the Contra's in Niciragua by Daniel Ortiz's Sandinista's military guerrillas, thus the exposure of the Iran Contra situation.

Branson Hunter

Does the president have moral principles?

Branson Hunter

Trump is Running Scared, he knows he's over his head, Here's the top news this morning: 3:48 a.m. President Trump retweets call to fire Dr. Anthony Fauci. I asked Trump loyalists, is this a good thing?

President Donald Trump retweeted

T Twelvetrees

Trump is a legend in his own mind...His brain in a matchbox would be like a BB in a boxcar......


Watching a Trump presser is like taking a Tom Hopkin's sales course in the 1980's. Just unbelievable.


It's a crazy world out there isn't it Mike. The statement was conveniently changed from "Anybody that needs a test" to "Anybody that wants a test". It certainly fed the egos of those who suffer from the "syndrome". Again, another common tactic used by the progressive liberal left to promote an agenda. The most hilarious comment however was someone stating "I will not devolve into a partisan debate" while totally engrossed in "partisan debate". Brilliant


Maybe it was an accident, but I have found plenty of sources where the president said anybody who WANTS a test. Said at the CDC in Atlanta according to news. BTW everything that is not on Fox News cannot be fake, but the accusation is powerful to many.


The false accusation is powerful for many. BTW even the progressive liberal news magazine Huffington Post got it right when they quoted the that the president stated "anyone who NEEDS the test". No, it was no "accident" to change the word "needs" to wants". It was done on purpose and led in many news headers to purposely mislead!


I’m impressed that the Huff Post is now a relied upon source. Anyway, you misinterpreted my reference to accident. I was giving the president the benefit of the doubt that he misspoke, not about the media.


In a long rambling meeting at the CDC President Trump ,as i suspected, said wants in error and almost immediately went back to NEEDS as he said throughout the entire video. Yes, i agree that latching on to a slip without focusing on the content is wrong.

bill jenkins

problem is, we don't have fake news, we have a fake potis.


The Huffington Post is a "reliable source" for progressive liberals. No the President did not "misspeak". News sources that change relevant words such as "needs" to "wants" is not an accident. It is commonly referred to as "fake news". It is not the first time nor will it be the last. Evidently you found many of these "sources" of "fake news" that spread false "accusations" and absurd "interpretations".

bill jenkins

correction potus


I think i remember words to the effect of Trump: 'We’re going to win so much, you’re going to be so sick and tired of winning'.

Yep - that is true. I am tired of being number one in the world with sick people from this virus and more sick about being number one in deaths from this virus.

Anyone else sick and tired of winning?


Sounds like someone is ready to change their mind and "devolve into a partisan debate"!


Not at all. defend the liar and birds of a feather flock together. No partisanship there just the facts and the truth.

Branson Hunter

Huh... this tidbit from this morning news is interesting: Yale psychiatrist Dr. Bandy Lee offered a disturbing analysis about Donald Trump's mental health. According Lee, Trump is exhibiting "anti-human" tendencies during his daily coronavirus briefings and that he isn't capable of caring about other human beings. The President, to put it bluntly, is a sociopath.   Humm, it seems to me we are facing three critical emergency. What is the coronavirus pandemic, the other the economic crisis, and the third is the presidency of Donald Trump.

Remember Trump's Immortal words? Speaking to officials at the border Trump said of legal amnesty and illegal crosses, "why can't we just shoot them in the leg." Trump is in a de facto coup right now. That's been building up for quite some time. American institutions and department heads are all stacked with acting people; that means he has completely bypassed Congress. .And appointed Supreme Court judges federal judges and administrative judge more so than any other POTUS. If re-elected he will have the opportunity to appoint two more Supreme Court Justices. And he will be benevolent imperial president.

Hey this is interesting: the American Psychiatric Association, largest in the world, have granted Psychiatric Doctors the authority to diagnose a president -- and other highly visible public person if they are in the news daily.



If I was a bird of a feather I definitely would practice a little social distancing after that tidbit of information..............


Time is 4:57 PM on Tuesday, April 14, 2020. Is anyone watching this psychopath at his alleged news conference. What an illiterate and totally failed communicator. I see Reagan turning in his grave.

More lies upon more lies.

Time to go... time to go!


The time here is 4:38...........

Maybe at least try getting your time correct before communicating.........

Definitely will add a little credibility if truth matters..............


Does anybody really know what time it is...does anybody really care

Trump read a long list of companies and business leaders like he was addressing a sales meeting. "" Good job on hitting quota guys, here's some dinner coupons and movie tickets to impress the little lady at home." Trump talked for 15-20 seconds at one point and no sense.


Your right. Time matters. My error. So does the truth about watching the insane president. Thanks for the correction.

bill jenkins

i knew it all along it was the WHO not Horton's the other one.


The Trump experiment is almost over. His dealings in business and finance will be revealed eventually and he will no longer be protected by the office he holds to avoid indictment. A prognostication tells me he is in some very hot water and in going to jail. In my view, President Trump really wishes he had never become President. Now he only wants to stay on to postpone this future hoping then enough time will have passed for the law to forget. He only ran for the publicity and headlines much like his rants with Rosie O'Donnell. It is thin air. There is no substance other than a self-proclaimed "stable genius" who desire constant praise, and stated, "I can grab them by to P***y and get away with it. You can do anything."

Really a petty and ugly man. Most likely the worst President ever.

Yes, the Trump experiment is almost over and I know that is no good wrestling with a Pig in the mud, because you will soon learn that the Pig likes it.


Did some research for TTJ. His snippet of the CDC tape does in fact show the "need" word by Trump. However, there is always a however, simply go back in the tape several minutes and standing there wearing his MAGA hat he says "anyone".

I guess if you want to cut hairs "anyone" could mean "needs".

The man in a liar who speaks out of both sides of his face. A constant and consistent liar is a terrible thing to have as a so called president.


Let's get some facts straight. Yes, Trump did stop travel from China on Jan 28th: HOWEVER there were over 40,000 people (Chinese Nationals, American citizens and families of American citizens) that were allowed in after the "ban". Those 40,000+ were not screened for the virus, and the HHS teams that met them did not even wear protective gear! I wonder how many were asymptomatic or already had the virus?

Second...during the whole month of February, Trump did NOTHING to stave off or prepare for the pandemic. He consistently made statements like "it's another Democratic hoax"; "there are only 15 cases and they will be down to 0 in no time"; as soon as the weather turns warm it go away"; and my favorite is "it will magically disappear!". It wasn't until early March that he realized that he was in deep. He turned this in to a political battle, and still has not taken responsibility for his non-action. He has commandeered the CDC to a Trump ad agency. He constantly jeers that the testing is "beautiful" and anyone that wants a test can get one. NOT TRUE. The U.S. has performed about 2 million tests nationwide...that is less than 1% of our nation's population!!! He constantly states that he took over an "empty cupboard" for the National Stockpile; but, alas...he had 3 1/2 years to build a better inventory. He rails against the previous administration because there is no vaccine...of course there isn't...this is a NOVEL coronavirus; it is the first time this virus has surfaced. He promotes a drug that he can't even pronounce; and there have now been 4 countries and 7 studies that suspended those studies because of cardiovascular events and deaths. He struts his mockery of our democracy and states that his power is"total" WRONG. I have never seen a president that knows nothing about our Constitution like Donald Trump. He is inept; unstable and a joke to all the countries around the world that used to be our allies. He takes center stage at the daily coronavirus press conferences and turns them into a political rally where his underlings praise him. He uses our tax dollars and government employees to produce a propaganda video that clearly shows that his timeline proves he did nothing in the entire month of February. This country will beat this despite his ineptitude and massagany. Instead of boasting about himself, he should be truly praising our first responders, our doctors and nurses and medical staff; and our grocery employees who put themselves on the line so we can feed our families. Let's praise and boast the spirits of those who really deserve it!!!


Well-written & believable - Thank You.

Branson Hunter

Trump is in the second phase of his takeover of government Institution, the presidency, and the Senate majority cooperating and furthering the coup. Normally a coup takes place in a short span of time. However this is the United States. It was gut-wrenching yesterday to watch Trump's Coronavirus press conference. The Shameless dictator show a cheesy commercial for one of the businesses is making PPE. I am beginning to think that an alarming number of Americans are embracing Trump's neo-fascism that's occurring right before our eyes day after date. Another term an bye bye America and everything we value in government. This Shameless monster will close down parts of the free press. It's easily accomplish:


@ spearman1ca, horsehouse, bdelph and TwoToeJoe too

Read the transcript!

“Robert Redfield: (26:06)

We continue. Our first responsibility, the CDC, as I said was to develop the eyes for the lab test. Second responsibility is to get that out to the public health community and we have now shipped out… I think it was enough to 75,000 people into the public health labs now?

Donald Trump: (26:23)

Anybody that wants a test can get a test. That’s what the bottom line is.”

GET IT? The question is who, was Trump referring to with the term “everybody”. It was obviously THE PUBLIC HEALTH COMMUNITY because that’s who the question was about and providing that information is what the conference was for. Whether he said “wants” or “needs” is academic. He said both but that doesn’t change his meaning.


I stand corrected Mike. You are correct! I went by the USA newspaper article that printed the header containing "want" and quoted the "need" statement. Reading the transcript does clarify it completely. Thanks!

DR. REDFIELD: Yeah. And by the end of this week, they were supposed to have about a million, a million two tests out —

SECRETARY AZAR: Yeah. A million tests. So they shipped 700,000 already. The remaining lots are actually being tested here. Dr. Monroe has got them as of, I think, 10:30 this morning. And they have to do the quality control, and then, if they pass —

THE PRESIDENT: But — but I think — I think, importantly: Anybody right now and yesterday — anybody that needs a test gets a test. We — they’re there. They have the tests. And the tests are beautiful. Anybody that needs a test gets a test.

If there’s a doctor that wants to test, if there’s somebody coming off a ship — like the big monster ship that’s out there right now, which, you know — again, that’s a big decision. Do I want to bring all those people on? People would like me to do that. I don’t like the idea of doing it.

But anybody that needs a test can have a test. They’re all set. They have them out there.


Correction, I should have said “The question is, who was Trump referring to by using the term ANYBODY”.

Hope my error didn't cause confusion.


Mike it is not so clear to me or many others, The man is an uneducated individual that has no ability to nuance his speak because he is a liar.

I appreciate your research which was the same as mine we just draw different conclusions about what the liar said,

bill jenkins

maybe we are missing something. the more tests the more infections discovered. could it be trump doesn't want more tests? a giant increase in the number of infections would not look good.


Mr. Spear:

I’m sorry if it’s not clear to you that the remark in question wasn’t a lie. He made that, and several like it, to a room full of reporters. Obviously they understood what he meant. Do you not think everyone there knew he was talking about the medical community’s ability to get the tests.

Tim Humphreville

I find it humorless that the media and Dems looking to gain power forget that hindsight is 20/20 . Has President Trump made mistakes? I am sure he has, he has a lot of information coming to him in real time, without even a full day to make the call. So much Fake news is out, from those who have alternative motives, There will be a time to look at the decisions, but not right now, so the left just wants to discredit him. Meanwhile we are very lucky we don't have crooked Hillary or Lost Joe running this show. His reelection will hopefully make the media realize they are part of the problem.


Hi Tim,

I appreciate your loyalty to Trump. It is expected and not disrespected by myself. However the man is a liar plain and simple. If he is not a liar then he lives in a fantasy world of saying one thing on one day and saying the opposite on another day and then denying he ever said the first thing.

How in the world does he not know that the checks have been delayed in order to place his name on them? And if he did not know as he claims why say it is okay with me instead of saying I had no idea of that and I will order it stopped? It is because he did know and when asked denies but does not overturn because his name on a check means much to a narcissist.

Tim, the president is a liar and if you wish to believe him then that is fine with me.

However, I will do my best to point out that he is a liar at every turn I get. Complaining about Hillary is so past the issue. To complain about Biden is legitimate and we shall see where all that goes.

Tim Humphreville

Hi Steve

My friend, I am a loyalist to this country, not to any President. I have watched lifelong politicians ruin this country all my life, Trump my not be well spoken, or polished like the rest, but he fights every day for this country. He has awakened this country to the fact that reliance of other country's will be our downfall, and how im having boarders is so important. Just those two items of hundreds, will make this country great again..


Moreover, two shots of Lysol, swallow a light bulb and a daily Tide Tab will make our great country well again.


I do have sorrow for my friends that find the president as an acceptable leader and somehow an intelligent person or as he says a "stable genius".

To stand in plain view of the country and to ask medical professionals if there was a way to inject disinfectants and also to inject light into the human body to defeat a virus is absolutely beyond the limit of acceptable behavior.

Then to try and back it off by saying he was directing those questions to the press as a ploy is simply unacceptable. I looked at that poor doctors face and she was flabbergasted.

Trump needs to be removed if we as a nation are to remain a democracy based in reality or instead become a fantasy land of Republicans who accept and condone this egregious behavior of a deranged and dangerous individual.

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