I wanted to go up 247 north from Yucca Valley. I checked the map on Friday night and found that there was nighttime closures planned from 8 p.m. till 6 a.m. Since I had no plans to drive at night, there should be no problems, right?

When I headed north on 247 from Yucca Valley about 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 30, there was a big flashing sign just out of town saying that the road was closed from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m., so of course I and hundreds of other suckers continued northbound, only to find the road totally blocked before Lucerne Valley, and a sign saying no detour available. There was no one at the barricades, only some flashing lights hundred of yards up the road!

Saturday night, the Caltrans website still showed this: “SR 247 (in the Southern California area) is closed from 12.4 miles south of the junction of State Route 18 at Stony Ridge Road to 9.8 miles south of the junction of State Route 18 (San Bernardino County) from 2000 hours each night to 0600 hours each morning Friday through Monday through 4/1/19 due to construction a detour is available.”

I am furious that I checked the maps, read and believed the signs, and still drove 80 miles out of my way. Then I had to go much further out of my way to find an alternate route. I am completely disillusioned by Caltrans’ apparent total disregard for the fuel taxpaying, traveling public.

If this was an emergency, caused by collision, fire, flood or dust storm, I understand there can be delays in getting proper information out. But this was clearly a planned, deliberate and horribly executed plan. I hope the people responsible are disciplined appropriately. This should not be happening, and Caltrans should be embarrassed.

I tried to phone anyone who would correct this situation, but conveniently, it appears that no Caltrans phones are answered on weekends. I phoned 911, I phoned Yucca PD, I phoned the Highway Patrol, I flagged down other unsuspecting RVs headed for the dead end.

I’ve worked in similar situations for 30 years, and I can tell you that within an hour of (even an unplanned emergency) closure, we would have signs in place, and flag persons to direct the public, and overhead information signs reprogrammed within minutes.

This was clearly a planned closure and Caltrans totally dropped the ball and cost hundreds of us fuel, time, missed appointments and frustration because of Caltrans’ incompetence.

This was not a short mile or two, this was 40 miles each way, and not just one misleading sign, but the website and Caltrans maps as well. Disgusting. Disgraceful.

I hope Caltrans has learned something from this and holds someone accountable!


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Our cal trans sucks. The lights between one end of yucca to the other are not synchronized.20 plus minutes to go from one end of yucca to the other at high noon. Try to trunk left from some intersections the 5 plus minutes


Hey whats going on with our 50 cent per gallon gas tax that everyone voted for a couple months ago.I thought they were going to fix the roads With it lol.


You are not alone disgusted. I too have a huge complaint on the state run CalTrans and San Bernardino County Highway Depts. Ive never seen such incompetence as to the maintenance of our highways here in San Bernardino County. I kid you not; they must of run out of materials when they resurfaced Amboy Rd/Hwy because the resurfacing ends at Pinto Mtn Road. From that point on they just barely fill in the potholes actually more like sinkholes that will cause a serious accident if this does not get addressed by CalTrans soon. There is more traffic on this hwy now than ever before. I blew a rim and tire out by driving over one of these chunkholes. That cost me over 300$ to replace rim and tire. I was lucky that there was no oncoming traffic. Its unsafe and its just a matter of time before a serious accident wiil happen because of poorly maintained roads. Weather its County or State, they both take taxes out for these roads. i am disgusted. I feel robbed and violated in a state where we pay higher taxes than any state in the nation to drive on the worst roads.

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