Kids dash for dinner at annual Turkey Trot

La Contenta Middle School Turkey Trot winners pause for a picture with their poultry prizes. On the floor in front is Adrian Tamayo, second row from left are Olive Sanderson, Lynze Smith, Madison Dillon, Charles Valeur and David Maya. Back row from left Angie Reynaud, Evelyn Moreno, Willow Jones, Kayden Urita, Billy Phillips and Rodrick Rogers.

YUCCA VALLEY — Students raced for free turkeys in La Contenta Middle School’s Turkey Trot Nov. 22.

Adults donate turkeys to give to the winners of this race held every year before Thanksgiving.

For the seventh-grade girls, Angie Reynaud won, Willow Jones placed second and Evelyn Moreno placed third.

For seventh-grade boys, Adrian Tamayo won, Rodrick Rogers took second and David Maya third.

For the eighth-grade girls, Madison Dillon won, Lynze Smith came in second and Olive Sanderson in third.

For the eighth-grade boys, Chaz Valeur won, Billy Phillips placed second and Kayden Urita third.

Those who donated turkeys were Cindy Villani, Lisa Lafferty, Glenda Webb, Nesha Benstead, Kelly Daly, Katy Douglas, Jorge and Brooke Fuentes, Lori Thomas, Katie O’Grady, Shannon Luckino, Caleb Gates and Lynn Warden.

PE teachers Katie O’Grady, Michael Myers and John Zentner organized the races.

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