Town asks for community input in skate park renovation

Action Park Alliance offers lessons at the community outreach event for the skate park on Thursday.

YUCCA VALLEY — The town recreation department is hoping to revamp the skate park and recreation area in the community center park and looking for community input while planning the update.

On Thursday afternoon, the department held a free event at the park to invite the public to share input on some possible design ideas for the new skate park. Community services manager Sue Earnest said the department is looking at applying for grant funding as part of California Proposition 68, the Parks, Environment and Water Bond approved in 2018. The proposition authorizes $4 billion in general obligation bonds for state and local parks and some additional projects.

“We’re preparing an application for grant funding,” Earnest said. “But to apply for funding we need to have a plan so that’s what we are gauging here.”

Action Park Alliance came out to offer lessons at the skate park during the event and the recreation department offered free hot dogs and drinks.

This was the department’s fifth outreach event involving the project. 

Earnest said some of the main updates people have expressed interest in include adding a bowl to the skate park, adding an additional covered seating area and adding some art to the area.

“We’ve spoken to a design company for the skate park and they came up with the idea to add a bowl and other apparatuses,” Earnest said. 

To share your views about the renovation members of the public are invited to take a survey at The survey will be closed next week.

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