Kids learn pro secrets at basketball clinic

Kids learn the Pro Shot Shooting System from owner/director Matt Williamson. The traveling basketball shooting clinic visited the Bell Center at Copper Mountain College Tuesday. The kids were shown a video of a technique and then went out to the court to practice it.

JOSHUA TREE — Copper Mountain College was host to a basketball shooting clinic called the Pro Shot Shooting System Tuesday night. Owner/director Matt Williamson travels the country teaching professional techniques to kids.

“We will do a lot of instruction on the basketball shooting techniques used among the best shooters,” said Williamson.

The clinic covers six different shooting techniques. Williamson first shows video demonstrating the technique, then immediately takes the kids out to the court to practice it, before returning to the classroom to view the next one.

The course was open to boys and girls grades 6-12. 

CMC coach Ken Simonds introduced Willliamson to the kids at the beginning of the class. 

Coach Simonds’ daughter Samantha Simonds, 15, was one of the kids taking the class.

“I felt the kids really enjoyed it. It was very informative and it gave them tools to work on to become a better shooter. The participants were attentive and very receptive towards the information Matt was providing,” wrote coach Simonds in an email Wednesday.

I feel they all left with a better knowledge of how to be a great shooter.” Coach Simonds’ daughter Samantha Simonds, 15, was one of the kids taking the class. 

“This was Samantha’s second clinic with Matt. Becoming a great shooter does not happen over night. 

“She has been working on the Pro Shot concepts since the first clinic she attended and to be able to go through it a second time and hear the concepts again was very beneficial,” Simonds said.

She loved it and looks forward to continuing to work on the concepts and develop her shooting ability as she enters her sophomore year of high school,” coach Simonds continued.

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