Trojan basketball starts season with nail-biting double-overtime game

Lenworth Kris Bradywas fouled by a temucula prep player and, after the whistle, he goes in anyway for a trick shot.

YUCCA VALLEY — The Yucca Valley High School boys basketball team opened home play Thursday night against Temecula Prep in a non-league match.

Junior varsity kicked off the night and the Trojan varsity team dominated the competition with a final score of 82-28.

“They are really starting to come together as a team,” said junior varsity coach Jon Price. “Their defensive effort really made this game go their way.”

The varsity teams took the court next and the Temecula Prep Patriots took the lead early on with the Trojans getting fouls called on them every few minutes. While the calls from the refs were frustrating to both the players and the crowd, the Trojans kept steadily behind the Patriots with impressive drives to the net and 3-point shots.

The Trojans finally pulled ahead with a 3-point shot from senior player George Rodriguez Jr., in the second quarter with 1:42 left on the clock. From there, the Trojans stayed ahead up into the third quarter and junior Lenworth Brady brought the crowd to its feet with a buzzer shot for two points going into halftime to finish the first half with the Trojans ahead 39-36.

“This team is playing as hard as they can to make each other improve,” said head coach Matt Jennings. “Every day we get better.”

After a close third and fourth quarter, the teams were tied at 78 and moved into overtime. After two overtimes the Trojans fell 97-98.

“A player from Temecula Prep hit three free throws with no time on the clock,” Jennings said.

Rodriguez led Trojan scoring with 37 points and six assists. Noah Roy scored 26 points and had three blocks and three steals and Greg Sanchez scored nine points and made four steals.

It was a tough loss for the team, but Jennings said they played well and will continue to improve throughout the season.

Up next, the Trojans will take on Big Bear in an away, non-conference game on Nov. 30. They will return to the YVHS gym on Dec. 3 to compete against Sultana High School at 6 p.m.

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