Trojans win big in final home game

Anthony Carlos (23) attempted to break through the Broncos as he raced down the field on Friday night.

YUCCA VALLEY — Yucca Valley High School hosted its final home game of the season Friday afternoon and, with the stands packed, the Trojans brought home their second league win, beating the Banning Broncos 21-14.

The game started off slowly but the Trojans gradually took the lead as they scored their first touchdown in the first quarter.

Banning retaliated and picked up their eight points in the second quarter. Yucca was right behind them though, and evened out the quarter with another touchdown of their own. They were in line to score again only 10 yards away from a touchdown, but the clock ran out and the game moved into halftime.

Coming out of the half-time, the Trojans  continued to play neck and neck with Banning with both teams scoring in the third quarter. Tayten Shartel had 80 yards rushing with 60 yards receiving. He also scored two touchdowns and was named the offensive player of the game.

Ushon Goodson had 50 yards receiving and Braden Brimhall had two touchdown passes.

The team had two fumble recoveries by Bo Platt and he was named defensive player of the game.

Platt and the defensive line were able to stop the Broncos from scoring in the final quarter, keeping the Trojans ahead.

This win advances the Trojans’ league record to 2-0. They will hit the road this week to take on Indio High School in an away game on Friday night. The JV team will kick off at 4 p.m. and the varsity team will kick off at 7 p.m.

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Mark Simmons

Wow, that must’ve been a tight fit if they came out of lockers. Glad they didn’t suffocate.

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