Joshua Springs Christian School golf team wins league championship

The Joshua Springs Christian School golf team takes a team photo after winning the league championship.

YUCCA VALLEY — In a historic first for Joshua Springs Christian High School, the Lightning golf team finished its 2019 regular season as league champion.

“The school has never before held a league championship in golf and the coaches are proud of what our players accomplished this year,” said head coach Joe Comparsi.

The Lightning hosted their final match of the year Wednesday afternoon at Hawk’s Landing in Yucca Valley. Lightning golfers needed a win against the visiting Mesa Grande Academy to secure the top spot.

The team showed up to play and defeated Mesa Grande with their lowest team score of the year, 279-315.

Leading the way with the low score of the match was team captain Josiah Fontillas, who posted a nine-hole score of 41. Following behind him was Devin Landers with a 54, Eli Wahlberg with a 58, Noah Dufour with a 59 and Aaron Pringle with a 67.

“For many years the school did not have a golf team, and beginning only three years ago when golf was offered in their sports program, the team went from zero wins that first year to league champs this year,” said assistant coach Scot McKone. “It’s been a wonderful journey to watch the kids improve their games this past few years and shave the strokes needed to earn their first league title.”

The Lightning golf team finished the regular season with 5-1 league record and a 9-4 record overall.

Joshua Springs will next travel to Morongo Golf Club at Tukwet Canyon in Beaumont the for post-season league finals match where a most valuable league player will be determined on Monday.

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