TWENTYNINE PALMS — Downtown Twentynine Palms and what it will look like after Project Phoenix changes are made will be the subject of a workshop before the next city council meeting.

Council members will conduct the workshop at 5:45 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 13, in council chambers at city hall, 6136 Adobe Road.

The downtown revitalization plan includes a 14,500 square foot multi-purpose building that could be used for indoor sports, theater, conferences banquets and special events.

It would include meeting rooms, a kitchen, restrooms and interior and exterior areas used to display art and cultural material.

It would include additional parking for itself and downtown businesses.

The plan could also include 71 affordable housing units designed for families that meet income or age requirements.

The plan includes a wastewater treatment facility for businesses within project boundaries and curb, gutter, sidewalk, paseo and landscape improvements.

A second phase could include construction of a 10,000 square foot building that could be used as a library, educational center, museum or visitor center.

At the workshop, council members will discuss Project Phoenix site plans and provide feedback to city staff and consultants. They could also accept, change or delete aspects of the site plan.

A contract for Theatre 29 renovation

The regular council meeting will convene at 6:45.

Among other items on the consent calendar, council members will consider approving a $180,000 contract with the firm hplusf for the design of the renovation of Theatre 29.

The community theater, about to begin its 20th season, occupies a city-owned building on Sullivan Road west of Adobe Road.

Proposed improvements to the building include addition of a loft over the stage which will facilitate movement of scenic backdrops, additional seating with provisions for disabled patrons, an improved lobby, a new exterior, including landscape improvements, a new control booth and provisions for future lighting improvements.

Theatre 29 officials have estimated improvement costs at $1.2 million.

The contract calls for hplusf to spend two weeks gathering and examining site documentation to establish site conditions, including soil analysis, land surveys, contours of the site, existing buildings and features, public utilities, water elevations, rights of way, restrictions, easements, environmental restrictions, reviews and approval requirements.

They will spend eight weeks in the schematic design phase during which they will discuss expectations with theater company principals, prepare schematic plans, include factors which may impact the cost of the project, incorporate mechanical, electrical, plumbing and future theatrical systems into the design, develop a schematic site design that includes vehicle and pedestrian circulation, landscape design and architectural features, develop an opinion on project budget and prepare and present design documents for the city.

They will spend 26 weeks preparing construction documents with drawings showing interior and exterior elevations and floor plans.

The firm will then spend four weeks helping the city obtain competitive bids and prepare and award contracts for construction.

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How long will this charade of Project Phoenix continue along with the excessive expenditure of tax dollars for study after study after design plan after design plan.

The Bond money is virtually gone on these plans and studies and the city is now seeking further tax dollars from state grants to pursue this folly.

As a former council member for 8 years now I have witnessed a tremendous waste of tax dollars in regards to this fantasy. In 2009 the original Project Phoenix plan was proposed by Frank Spevicek and it was a solid and attainable plan.

Under city manager Warne the plan was changed into the unattainable vision that we see today and the city council has been chasing this plan down the rabbit hole for 8 years and has nothing to show for it expense receipts for consultants and planners.

As a citizen, and I advise my fellow citizens, do not waste your time by going to the council meeting and speaking to stop this waste - you will be ignored.

Mintz, Cole, and Klink have too much vanity and pride invested into this disaster that they can not and will not change course.

I fully expect to be hearing about Project Phoenix well into the 2020 elections and still nothing will have been built.

BTW - when they approved the bonds for this project they took 30 million dollars from our own tax recipients. Such entities as the school district, the cemetery district, the flood control district and about 18 other local entities.

Good job!


Trying to morph 29 Palms into Mill Valley is never going to work. It's a military town period. There's not enough art, music or culture to fill any of these proposed mega-venues even half way. And 29's anti sanctuary city status has already affected tourism by those who think racism is wrong and refuse to support it. Open another medical/dental clinic instead. You have to wait forever as it is now. Phoenix is a clown car.


You do realize not being a sanctuary city is a good thing? Not allowing illegal immigrants to stay here without punishment is a GOOD THING! It has nothing to do with race it has everything to do with following the laws!

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