The master class

Weed show expert Ted Meyers gives some tips on winning at the annual competition at a lecture Saturday, Sept. 28, at the Wonder Valley Community Center.

WONDER VALLEY — Ted Meyers, who has won multiple ribbons, but never a people’s choice award, at the Old Schoolhouse Museum’s annual weed show, revealed a few select secrets to his success recently.

“I got six ribbons last year, two first place,” Meyers said. “The only award I haven’t gotten is people’s choice.

“You are my competition so I am not going to give you all my secrets,” he said.

Meyers gathered materials he has used in winnig entries for a presentation at the Wonder Valley Community Center Saturday, Sept. 28.

This year’s weed show will be held at the Old Schoolhouse Museum, 6760 National Park Drive, Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 2 and 3. Admission is free and so is entering the competition.

The annual show was inspired by comments from a visiting lecturers when her ladies club hosts apologized for not providing her a bouquet of flowes and she remarked on the beauty of the desert’s wildflowers and weeds.

Every year, residents compete in a variety of categories by creating arrangements and displays featuring native weeds and wildflowers. Winners earn ribbons marking their achievements.

With glues and other artificial adhesives banned from the competition, Meyers started his lecture with a tip on how to fasten bits of wood together, use mesquite thorns.

He noted that the most successful pieces are the ones that look the most natural.

“That’s the whole object, to make it look natural,” he said.

“When I started this I was working on displays and they don’t want displays, they want natural.”

He noted that he finds a lot of his material in the Chocolate Mountains. He also recommended going onto Chadwick Road but cautioned to use a 4x4 vehicle.

For more information about the weed show contact the historical society at

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