Susan Luckie Reilly

Susan Luckie Reilly will turn 100 this month.

TWENTYNINE PALMS —  The Joshua Tree National Park will host a birthday celebration in honor of Susan Luckie Reilly and the centennial of the National Park Service from 3 to 5 p.m. Wednesday June 22, at the Oasis Vistor Center, 74485 National Park Drive. The public is invited to come out and participate.

Reilly, a longtime Twentynine Palms resident, desert advocate and former Joshua Tree National Park ranger, turns 100 years old this month.

Reilly was born in 1916, the same year the National Park Service was founded. In 1965, Reilly donned the green and gray of the NPS and worked as a seasonal, ranger-naturalist for what was then Joshua Tree National Monument.

Reilly is the daughter of Dr. James B. Luckie, a Pasadena physician who recommended the healthy, dry, desert climate to World War I veterans suffering from effects of mustard gas. The Luckie family spent time at the family home in Twentynine Palms when not in Pasadena.

It was during these family visits that Susan developed a life long love and passion for the desert environment. A graduate of Stanford University, Reilly and others founded the Morongo Basin Conservation Association which successfully fought off an initiative by utility company to run a massive power transmission corridor straight through the heart of the Morongo Basin.

Reilly received the Minerva Hoyt Award in 2004. She also received a Women of Distinction Award given by Congressman Paul Cook in 2013 and has been a driving force for preservation and protection of the Southern California desert.

For more information call (760) 367-5507

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Happy Birthday Centenarian.[happybirthday]

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