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Kiwanis Club member Brad White-Findeisen, with certificate, stands with the Darr family, parents Steve and Carolyn and children Zea Foley, 20, J.R. Foley, 14, Ash, 11, A.j., 9, Kay-Leann, 7, Ella, 4 and Tyrian, two months, honored at Family of the Year Tuesday, Aug. 13.

TWENTYNINE PALMS — The Darr family, parents Steve and Carolyn and children Zea Foley and J.R. Foley and Ash, A.J., Kay-Leeann, Ella and Tyrian, joined the ranks of Twentynine Palms Kiwanis Club Families of the Year at a brief ceremony Tuesday morning, Aug. 13.

The club has honored families of the year since 1991.

In introducing the honored family, Past President Brad White-Findeisen said he didn’t feel he could nominate them because the mother of the Darr family is also his daughter. Fortunately, he said, Naomi Thomas, who knows the family through their involvement with Little Church of the Desert, and whose family was honored in 2017, stepped up and took on the duty.

The family is also active in the Boy Scouts, American Heritage Girls and Awanas at Palms Baptist Church.

Zea, 20, attends Copper Mountain College and plans to apply for the nursing program.

J.R. Foley, 14, and Ash, 11, are members of Boy Scout Troop 77. J. R. is planning his Eagle Scout project.

A.J., 9, is a member of the Young Marines program. Kay-Leeann, 7, is a member of the American Heritage Girls. Ella, 4, will join her in the fall.

Carolyn is director of Little School of the Desert. Her care for the school’s families is said to extend far beyond school requirements.

Steve has been a civil servant on board the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center. Much of his free time is spent volunteering at Little Church and Little School of the Desert. Among other things he helped set up a new playset for the school playground.

Steve and Carolyn serve as Awanas ministers at Palms Baptist.

“They are the type to open their door and say absolutely, we have room, come on in,” Thomas said of the family.

“It is their hearts that earn them this honor today,” she said.

“This family is amazing,” Barbara Thursby, wife of Little Church pastor Don Thursby, said. “They have adopted to many people to become a part of their family. We appreciate them and enjoy getting to know them every day.”

Don Thursby noted that members of the Darr family are involved in every activity at the church.

“I am glad you are being honored today, so congratulation,” he said.

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